Eaton Marketing - Jun 9, 2015

Four Considerations for a New Ice Machine in Your Florida Restaurant

As Florida's summer heat continues to rise, so does the chance for a broken ice machine. From Tampa to Tallahassee and all across the state, rising temperatures mean greater stress on ice machines and the electricity needed to power them. That's why the summer months often lead to more ice machine breakdowns than any other time of the year.

If you're a Florida restaurant that has experienced a broken ice machine or if you're in the market for a new, more efficient machine, here are some important features to consider:



Look for an innovative machine that can speed up the ice-making process and deliver consistent, reliable, and energy-efficient performance.



Speed and performance should be easy to delivery. Make sure your new ice machine has simple and reliable controls that are easy to diagnose and adjust. If they ever need to be repaired, replacement costs should be low.



Having the ability to discharge air at different locations – including the top – allows for greater diversity when placing an ice-making machine. In addition, air filtration is important. Regular cleaning or replacement of air filters can be a drain on time and money.



A quality ice machine should be well designed and well tested. Look for units made from durable materials that are corrosion resistant and are tested multiple times for optimal performance. We have Self Contained, Remote refrigeration, and our new Top Air units to choose from.


Learn more about selecting an ice machine.

Download our free ice guide, and get a crash course on the different types of ice. Select the one that will best suit your Florida foodservice need, and then pinpoint the exact ice machine that will deliver results.

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