Eaton Marketing - Jan 17, 2018

How a New Ice Machine Can Simplify Your Life

We're not kidding. There's an ice machine that can simplify your life, and if your foodservice operation relies on quality ice in any capacity or if you've been in the beverage business long enough in Florida, you know how critical (and difficult) an ice program can be.

That's about to change with the Elevation Series from Ice-O-Matic. It's a new, American-made ice machine that was created to simplify life for Florida foodservice operators.

Here's how in two easy ways:

Save time. Save money. Save on calls to your service technician.

Servicing any piece of foodservice equipment, much less an ice machine, can be a real pain. There's the cost, the time spent waiting for an appointment, and in some cases, even the difficulty of finding a quality technician in your part of Florida. And when you consider the HVAC industry lost close to 40,000 technicians last year, availability and costs are going up even more.

This trend will likely continue as we go forward, making it even more important to buy foodservice equipment that is reliable and easy to service. With Ice-O-Matic's Elevation Series, operators enjoy plug-and-play design with minimal installation. And once a unit is installed, it's so easy to use, an operator can often keep the machine in fine working order without calling a technician.

Sanitation? It's all covered with the Elevation Series.

Once operators start looking at ice as food, it's clear ice needs to be, well, clear. Unclean machines will impact the taste and smell of ice and anything it comes in contact with inside your operation. It also can have serious health and safety implications, as an improperly maintained ice machine carries the risks of foodborne illnesses and can even stop working all together.

Sanitation is the first responsibility of any Florida foodservice operation, and Ice-O-Matic knows how critical it is. They designed the Elevation Series to be easier to clean and to stay clean longer, saving you the time and hassle while providing the peace of mind you get from a clean, safe machine. The seamless food zone is sealed from all mechanical hardware within the unit, meaning nothing contaminates the area where ice is actually produced. And when it's time to clean and sanitize your Elevation Series unit, the Food Zone is smooth and easy to clean for long-lasting sanitation and service.

Ready to learn more about upgrading your ice machine? Would you like to make your Florida beverage program more profitable? How about just bouncing around some of your great ideas with people who can help put them into action? Get a Bar & Beverage Consultation from Eaton.

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Written by Eaton Marketing