Eaton Marketing - Oct 26, 2018

How an Ice Machine Is Made

The story of how ice gets to your glass doesn't begin with how ice is made. It begins with how an ice machine is actually made. Let's take a look at this fascinating process in a short video from the popular TV show, How It's Made.

In 2009, the Science Channel took a trip to Denver, Colorado for a visit to the Ice-O-Matic factory. Here's what they discovered, and here's how an ice machine is made.


Now that you know how an ice machine is made and have a grasp for how ice cubes are made, the next step is to know how to make your customers happy by selecting the right type of ice. Learn more about the different shapes and sizes of ice when you review our free ice guide.

As part of our dedication to understanding everything about the solutions we represent, the Eaton Marketing team recently attended a training at the Ice-O-Matic factory in Denver, Colorado.

Florida Ice-O-Matic ice Machines  Eaton Ice-O-Matic  Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Florida

How is an ice machine made? We got to check it out first hand, and we'd love to convey everything we learned to show you what to look for as you select an ice machine for your Florida foodservice operation. Start today by scheduling a free beverage assessment.

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Written by Eaton Marketing