Eaton Marketing - Sep 19, 2017

How Ice Affects Your Florida Beverages

When we think about what goes into a beverage, we think about the syrup in juice and soda; the liquor and the mixers; the fruit infusions. What about the ice? Often overlooked, ice can have a large impact on beverages. 

How can ice affect beverages?

Aside from the obvious cooling effects, ice can change your customers’ experiences in several ways. As we’ve talked about before, different types of ice should be used for various types of beverages. From watered down cocktails to chunky blended drinks, using the improper type of ice can cause a negative experience for your customers. 

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Have you ever ordered a water at a restaurant and something just tasted off? Chances are, it wasn’t the water causing that bad flavor, it was the ice.

Dirty ice is a problem faced by almost all foodservice establishments including schools, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more. This ill-tasting ice is caused by a buildup of bacteria and minerals that can harm not only your customers, but also your ice machines. The Ice-O-Matic O3-Matic can keep your ice machines clear of odor, unpleasant flavors and bacteria by using ozone technology.

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From flavor, to consistency, to health, ice affects your Florida beverages more than you think. To discover what else ice can affect in your Florida foodservice operation, read the Ice-O-Matic Ice Guide.

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