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How to Choose the Perfect Craft Cocktail Ice

The perfect ice can make or break your craft cocktail. It’s true. Choosing the right craft cocktail ice can take your cocktail from good to great. Sure, the other ingredients are certainly tastier than ice. But without the proper style of high-quality ice, there’s no difference between paying top dollar for a Negroni made by a professional and making one at home with whatever ice is in the freezer.

Ice matters when it comes to crafting great cocktails. Not only is quality ice better for the taste of the cocktail, it simply looks better too. Aesthetics are an important part of the craft cocktail movement. A cocktail that looks good can lead to customers snapping photos of it, sharing with friends, and getting more people into your establishment to purchase that very same drink and more – and it all started with ice. Bartenders will certainly appreciate it.

Different cocktails require different sizes and shapes of ice to bring out the full potential of the drink. Various shapes and sizes of ice can positively or negatively affect both the temperature and taste of the cocktail. The melt rate of small ice is greater, and can lead to drinks losing their temperature and becoming more watered down in the process.


Large cubes have the single biggest advantage over other ice - they melt slower. These cubes keep cocktails colder for longer, and also look incredibly fancy. An Old Fashioned with one big cube of ice in the glass will attract more than a few eyeballs. High-end spirits, like a finely-aged Scotch and a big cube in a rocks glass will guarantee a taste that isn't watered down.


Ice spears are ideal for cocktails that require a taller glass, especially a Collins glass. Doing a similar job as a single large cube, an ice spear can do the job of many smaller cubes, while not diluting your Long Island Iced Tea or Tom Collins.  


Whether you're watching the horse race with a Mint Julep or cooling off with a Mojito or Rum Swizzle, crushed ice is the only way to go for these summery cocktails. The ice will absorb much of the flavor so when there's nothing but ice left in your glass, it's like second drink!


The "perfect" cube is small, stackable, and incredibly versatile. It is the swiss-army knife of ice cubes, useful for nearly every cocktail. Great for shaking and stirring, these cubes can also be used in Gin & Tonics, Manhattans, and yes, Negronis. Name a craft cocktail and the perfect cube is generally the right choice.

Discover the perfect cocktail ice for your Florida foodservice operation.

Ice in any beverage, especially craft cocktails, needs to look and taste good. Successful beverage programs utilize ice that fits both criteria. Download the Ice-O-Matic Ice Guide & Brochure to learn how high-quality ice leads to high-quality beverages.

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