Eaton Marketing - Oct 28, 2015

Making Pearl Ice and Flaked Ice in Your Florida Foodservice Operation


If you're interested in flaked and pearl ice, you're probably looking to accomplish some pretty specific needs in your Florida foodservice operation, commercial kitchen, or even your business that is completely unrelated to foodservice. After all, there is a wide range of uses for ice. 

Aside from cubed ice there are two other common ice shapes and ice types. Let's take a look at both, as well as some detailed uses for each: 


Pearl ice, also called nugget ice or soft ice, is essentially shaved ice that is packed tightly into small pearls. It's often called the most popular chewing ice available, and it can quickly cool your beverages without sticking together inside the glass. Nugget ice is great for soft drinks and blended cocktails, but it can also be used in salad bars, produce displays, and even in healthcare and medical situations. 


Flaked ice, also called shaved ice or ice chips, is a great way to cool things quickly because of the large surface area of the ice. Because it's smaller and lighter in shape, it is great for packing and molding around product. That's why it's popular in seafood displays, salad bars, and other general food displays. Like pearl ice, it can also be used in a wide range of healthcare applications, from therapeutic applications like swelling prevention to chewing and digesting it to prevent dehydration. 


Whether you're looking for a pearl ice machine or a flaked ice machine, there are a few important factors to consider. First, are you looking for a modular unit that will provide high capacity ice production, or is an undercounter or countertop unit more suited for your operation? Next, make sure your ice unit is cost effective in more ways than one. Is it easy to operate and maintain? What kind of warranty is included? How much water does it use? 

Learn more about Flaked Ice and Pearl Ice in this free guide from Ice-O-Matic. 

Get deeper into the details including what machines to consider, what questions to ask about those machines, and some of the answers in the Complete Ice-O-Matic Guide to Flaked and Pearl Ice.

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Written by Eaton Marketing