Eaton Marketing - Sep 29, 2015

Three Steps to Selecting Cubed Ice for Your Florida Restaurant

So you're interested in cubed ice? You must be looking for a versatile ice shape that is perfect for practically every situation. It is long lasting and popular in restaurants, bars, and other foodservice applications across Florida. But how do you get the best and most cost effective equipment for producing cubed ice?  Follow these simple steps:


Grand cubes are ideal for cocktails, fine dining, and bagging. They're about twice as large as full cube ice.

Full cubes are long lasting and are also great for cocktails. They're a great choice for large volume applications.

Half cubes work well in dispensers and for blended applications. They tend to create a smoother finish.

Gourmet ice has a unique, rounded shape that adds a sparkle for fine dining or retail applications.



Once you determine your desired ice format, the next decision is to look for either a modular ice machine or a self-contained ice machine. Modular cubers are designed for high-demanding foodservice and hospitality operations. They should be easy to use with a high level of reliability. Self-contained cubers are better for smaller volume uses and for areas without a lot of space. They are ideal for serving stations or behind the bar.



Not all ice machines are made the same. When you select a unit for your Florida bar or restaurant, make sure you find a machine that is easy to operate and maintain. You don't want your new ice machine draining your time, or worse, even your money. A warranty is also important for peace-of-mind, and no matter what, make sure your cubed ice machine has practical design features such as filter-free air. In Florida, sea salt corrosion protection is also important, as it comes standard at no additional charge on all cube remote condensers from Ice-O-Matic.

Learn more about Ice-O-Matic cubed ice options for your Florida foodservice operation.

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Written by Eaton Marketing