Who Makes the Best Summer Burger? Let's Find Out.

Summer is the ultimate season for grilling. And when it comes to grilling, the king of the menu is the burger.
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Ice-O-Matic - Sep 1, 2019

How Eaton and Ice-O-Matic Are Helping the U.S. Economy

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Commercial Ice - Jul 23, 2019

The Importance of Ice Machine Ventilation

  A commercial kitchen or foodservice operation doesn't need more hot air, especially in Florida. When hot air is forced onto food, it can have negative consequences. When it's forced onto staff, it can create negative employees....
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Ice-O-Matic - Jun 4, 2019

Two Ways Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Helped Solve Big Challenges

It's exciting to find ways that different products make our lives simpler in real-world ways. In terms of food and beverage, ice machines are certainly part of this equation. Here are two examples of how Ice-O-Matic helped solve...
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Ice-O-Matic - May 15, 2019

What Can Twins on a Bin Do for Your Ice Production?

Two is more than one. Sometimes it sounds so simple we forget the impact of what having two can do. And when it comes to a busy ice program in the state of Florida, having double the production capacity can make a world of...
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Ice-O-Matic - Feb 12, 2019

Tips for De-Scaling and Sanitizing Your Elevation Series Ice Machine

The keys to keeping your customers happy and safe while simultaneously preserving the life of your ice machine can rely on two things -- de-scaling and sanitizing.
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