Eaton Marketing - Nov 9, 2017

Rep Prep: 10 Minutes with Florida Foodservice Equipment Expert RoseMarie Troina

 Rep Prep from Eaton Marketing is an informative series that gives you access to one of our foodservice equipment experts. In this edition, spend 10 minutes with RoseMarie Troina, and find out which Florida restaurant is her favorite, as well as what she usually orders when she goes there.

Give us a little background on yourself. How did you wind up in foodservice?

My career in the commercial foodservice equipment industry began 18 years ago with a manufacturers rep in the quoting department. Unfortunately, the office I was working for had to close. I was very familiar with the industry and wanted to stay, so I began my next chapter with a foodservice equipment dealer as Project Manager Assistant.

After 10 years, I decided to go back to the rep side. I have been working with Eaton Marketing for the past six years as Senior Quoting Specialist.

Where is your favorite place to go out to dinner?

U-le-le, Native Inspired Foods & Spirits

What do you usually order?

Gulf of Mexico, Fresh Grouper Fillet

How has working in the foodservice industry changed the way you look at eating in restaurants or other foodservice operations?

I am a lot more aware of the impact foodservice equipment plays on the efficiency of a restaurant/facility. The way the equipment functions and the design, plays a huge roll.

Do you have a favorite Eaton Marketing manufacturer? If so, why is it your favorite?

I would have to say Perlick is my favorite manufacturer. Since I am familiar with the products and have interest in expanding my knowledge within, I gain greater satisfaction when quoting.

How has foodservice changed since you started at Eaton Marketing?

Technology has played a huge roll in the foodservice equipment industry, good and bad. Quicker oven technology that provides food within minutes of placing an order to most communications done via email, the pace continues to quicken and everything becomes rush rush.

Technology places greater pressure on people to work at a faster pace rather than being accurate. On a positive note, relationships with other rep groups, dealers, consultants, and manufacturers all over the country are acquired through email exchanges that would not otherwise be made if it weren’t for technology. The need for person-to-person communication also needs to be present in order to maintain close relationships with everyone who plays a role in the outcome of a project.

Eaton Marketing's team of experts helps Florida foodservice operations become more efficient and experience greater profits. Schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with one of our team members to learn more.

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Written by Eaton Marketing