Take Your Wine Displays to New Heights -- Literally

Posted by Eaton Marketing on Sep 20, 2018 12:30:43 PM


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Yes, Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Becoming a Big Thing

Posted by Eaton Marketing on Sep 14, 2018 5:41:11 PM

Today, the craft beer movement is for ALL the people. That's right, the non-alcoholic beer trend is a big thing, and it's not going anywhere. Gone are the days of the designated driver who is designated to kid's drinks.

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[Video] Innovations You Should Look for in an Ice Machine Manufacturer

Posted by Eaton Marketing on Sep 12, 2018 1:21:35 PM

When it comes to ice machines, there are many choices for Florida's foodservice operators. Whether you're a convenience store looking for that classic nugget ice or a school looking for the most sanitary ice machine available, it's important to know the differences between the choices you have.

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What to Look for at the 2018 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Aug 30, 2018 5:38:51 PM

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), the restaurant industry accounts for roughly four percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, and it employees more than 10 percent of the entire workforce.

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Tips for Selecting the Right School Cafeteria Oven

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Aug 22, 2018 6:31:26 PM

We've already covered the topic of which oven is right for me, but in terms of school nutrition programs, the answer can be entirely different. As all school nutrition professionals know, there are a handful of challenges everyone faces, and this can make selecting the right school cafeteria oven different than selecting an oven for, say, a chain restaurant.

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The Perfect Ventless Cooking Solutions from Perfect Fry

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Aug 17, 2018 10:59:08 AM

As much as we all may want to eat healthy and try to avoid certain types of food, there's no doubt Floridian's are suckers for great fried foods.

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The Complete Guide to Ovens for Florida Restaurants

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Aug 7, 2018 7:37:33 PM

Whether you're opening up a new restaurant in Florida, or it's time for an upgrade, one of the biggest pieces of equipment you'll want to do your research on is the oven. There are many different options, and it's not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. We'll get you up to speed quickly in this handy guide about the differences between some common types of ovens.

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A Closer Look at Wells Universal Ventless Hood Systems

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Jul 31, 2018 8:00:00 AM

There are a ton of reasons to go ventless in a commercial kitchen. It works great in limited spaces. It requires no buildout. Permitting is easier. And ultimately, it's more cost effective. But what is it about Wells Universal Ventless Hood Systems, and what types of ventless cooking options are available?

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What Is a Digital Scroll Compressor and Why You Should Use One to Refrigerate Your Walk-In Coolers

Posted by Kevin Eaton on Jul 20, 2018 3:35:46 PM

Compressors are what keep our foods cold in walk-in freezers and refrigerators. They're what keep our wine or dry-aging rooms at the right temperatures. They're the only lifeline Florida foodservice operators have between properly storing food products and the extreme Florida heat that can damage those products.

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Three Reasons to Consider SPG for Your Foodservice Storage Systems

Posted by Eaton Marketing on Jul 16, 2018 10:01:56 PM


Optimizing the performance and efficiency of your Florida foodservice operation is critical to the success of your operation. And when you look at all the factors that impact the overall efficiency and throughput of an operation, organization comes in at the top of the list.

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