Kevin Eaton - Feb 24, 2018

Why Do the Country's Top Steakhouses Use Southbend Commercial Broilers?

Commercial Steakhouse Broilers by Southbend

Why do the country's top steakhouses use broilers from Southbend? Because for over 50 years, Southbend has served the steakhouse foodservice industry with commercial steakhouse broilers to places in Florida like Del Frisco's, The Palm Restaurants, Shula's and several others listed above. They rely on Southbend broilers to serve the best quality food to their customers.

Southbend Upright BroilersTake the 170 Upright Broiler for example: infrared tiles preheat to 1,650 degrees in a mere 90 seconds, combining speed, efficiency and output in a broiler that just won't quit. Not to mention, their broilers have the highest capacity with the smallest footprint - both very important when space is limited.

A look at two different types of Southbend Broilers:

Infrared Broilers

Southbend Magic Ray Infra-Red Broilers combine speed, efficiency and output in a broiler that just won't quit. Intense infra-red energy quickly penetrates meat, locking in natural juices and reducing broiling time as much as 50%. Broil in half the time with 1/3 less gas for fuel savings up to 66% over ordinary broilers. The unit features 1,650˚F infrared tile temperature which preheats in 90 seconds! No matter how heavy the load or how many loads are broiled, it continues to broil at peak efficiency.

Radiant Broilers

This high-efficiency unit is rated at 55,000 BTU per burner for a total of 110,000 BTU in the broiler. This unit is available with cabinet, standard range oven, or convection oven base.

Features of the Southbend Commercial Broiler:

Highest capacity in the smallest footprint

Standard or convection oven base

Warming oven above broiler

Stainless steel front, sides, and top

Round grids for great meat marking

Two removable grids for easy cleaning

Sectional match design

Warranty: 24-7 Warranty

Models available: 170, 171, 270, and 234.

Want to learn more about foodservice equipment from Southbend. How about the perfect range oven for your Florida foodservice operation?

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.