Eaton Marketing - Aug 20, 2015

Florida's Intro to the Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station

Released earlier this year, the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station from Perlick is a new piece of bar equipment often called the "bartender's cockpit." Ergonomically engineered, it makes "one-step bartending" a reality. This increases efficiencies for the bartender and increases profits for the operation.

Let's take a brief look at how:


(A) Refrigerated Drawers – Two low-temp refrigerated drawers give bartenders the only NSF-rated option for open food storage, as well as nine different pans for storing garnishes, herbs, fruits, and more.

(B) 24" Drain Board Top – Bartenders get a drain board with drop-in stainless steel glass rack panels and an optional poly cutting board insert.

(C) Insulated Bottle Well – Bartenders can keep wine, beer, champagne, juice or syrups close by without cross contamination into serviceable ice. This insulated well maintains temperature and can hold nine 750ml juice bottles or six 1L stor-n-pours. A shallow depth model allows room for an optional soda gun manifold locker.

(D) 30" Sectioned Ice Bin – The accessible ice bin includes a standard 10-circuit cold plate with stainless dividers for separate ice storage. The bin is three inches shallower than standard designs, allowing the bartender to stand closer to their work counter and the guest he or she serves.

(E) Speed Rail – The speed rail, which is literally the front of the workspace, allows the bartender to stand forward and step inside the "cockpit." This Perlick exclusive, rounded design includes a space for large footprint bottles that don't fit inside a standard speed rail. It's designed for optimal reach to pull bottles from the rail. Without the typical hard rail edges that press into the knees and legs, bartenders can actually lean against it without discomfort.

(F) Slanted Speed Rack – Just to the bartender's right, the slanted speed rack is a vertical, angled speed rail that accommodates 12 liters, bringing the total station capacity to 27 U.S. liters within the bartender's reach. Option plug-n-play accessories include a blender shelf and a bitters caddy replacing four liters of space with quick storage for up to 12 small bitters or syrup bottles. It also includes an LED light option.

(G) Pre Sink and Tool Caddy Combo – To the far right, the bartender has access to the main sink with an integrated glass rinser, sectional health code compliant tool caddy, a foot operated faucet, and an optional built in cubby for additional storage.

Learn more about the Cocktail Station from Tobin Ellis himself.

Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station Florida

Written by Eaton Marketing