Kevin Eaton - Feb 26, 2015

The 5 Best Things We Saw at NAFEM That Florida Will Love

5 Best Things at NAFEM that Florida Will Love


The 5 Best Things We Saw at NAFEM That Florida Will Love

Going from Clearwater, Florida to Anaheim California isn't that big of a deal in terms of the weather. Unlike many of our colleagues who left blizzards to get to NAFEM15, we kind of take the sunshine and palm trees for granted. But what we didn't take for granted was the energy on the show floor.

NAFEM15 was one of the greatest in recent memory. We left knowing our industry is still guided by innovation – brand new products that will increase efficiencies and bottom line results in bars, restaurants, schools, and foodservice operations across Florida.

Here are our Top 5 products at NAFEM15:

1) The Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station from Perlick – First of all, whether he was speaking with his American or British accent didn't seem to matter. Tobin Ellis gave an amazing presentation that on the new "Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station". This ergonomic unit was designed by Ellis and built by Perlick to maximize efficiencies behind the bar and maximize profits for bar and restaurant owners.

2) The BKON Craft Brewer from Franke – Tea shops have a difficult time creating take-away business because of the time it takes to brew and steep your average cup of tea. Franke has changed all that with the BKON . This unit looks like it's suited for a space station and uses state of the art vacuum and infusion technology to quickly brew the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea no matter what tea is being used.

3) Capture Jet Hoods from Halton –  These ventilation systems are so innovative, they actually received an Emerging Technology Award from the EPA during the course of the show. Capture Jet uses air curtains to reduce commercial kitchen energy bills by 30% or more without compromising the quality of the air.

4) The Grande Cube Machine from Ice-O-Matic – We're sure Tobin Ellis would agree with this, but the more selective consumer become about "cocktailin", the more they demand superior ice. Ice-O-Matic provides just that, and with a new focus on ice with larger profiles that offers premium cocktail flavors without all the dilution.

5) ThermoKool –  We're always impressed by ThermoKool and their ability to create high quality blast chillers, freezers, walk-ins, reach-ins, and top-of-the-line refrigeration equipment. Not only is their equipment well made, but it's also easy to use. Just ask the Pinellas County School District.

Want more info from NAFEM?   

Claim your copy of the NAFEM State of the Industry Report. 

As you can see, we found some amazing products in Anaheim. To learn more, contact Eaton Marketing. And if you're curious about NAFEM and what they think about our industry in the immediate future, check out the NAFEM State of the Industry Report.


Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.