Eaton Marketing - Mar 6, 2020

Thank You, Fran and Lou!

Eaton Marketing would like to take this opportunity to thank two very important members of the Eaton family, Fran and Lou Dellaporta, for their dedicated service over the last 16 years, but even more important, for their friendship. The Dellaportas retired on March 1.

lou and fran  fran and lou

Lou served more than 50 years in the foodservice industry, beginning his career as a dealer. The last 16 years, he's spent with Eaton Marketing as an outside sales rep in our Panhandle region.

Fran, his wife, served as inside sales support for her husband. She is an artist, and will now take more time to work on her art.

"We would like to congratulate them both for an amazing career," says Eaton Marketing president, Kevin Eaton, "and we would like to thank them for their service to Eaton Marketing. We will miss their experience, their stories, and most important, their friendship."

lou dellaporta

Written by Eaton Marketing