Eaton Marketing - Sep 30, 2020

Two Anti-Viral Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Fighting germs and maintaining a sanitized environment for healthcare facilities is essential now more than ever. For healthcare facilities to have the cleanest surfaces and environments for patients, they need anti-viral solutions with their facilities in mind. Below are two of the leading options in mobile filtration and ventilation. 

Halton's UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Stand-Alone Mobile Filtration Halton

Halton UVGIOne of Halton's leading anti-viral solutions is the UVGI stand-alone mobile filtration system. It will maintain the quality of the air in the environment. Since viruses such as COVID-19 are air-bound and can live in the atmosphere, cleansing these environments minimizes the exposure and reduces the spread in healthcare facilities where affected persons may visit or reside.

Filters and Releases Air

This filtration unit will capture air that is currently in the atmosphere of the facility and bring it through its filtering system. Any viruses or other unwanted particles are cycled through the filter and then released back into the atmosphere virus-free.

Leave On Around the Clock

This filtration system is durable and designed to run around the clock every day. Having a filtration system consistently operating means that any viral particles enter the atmosphere will go through the filter almost immediately. The air in that area will continue to stay purified, making high traffic areas safer for patients and residents in your facility.


Your need for this filtration system from one area to the other may change, and you need a system that can accommodate these changes. This is why the UGVI stand-alone filtration system is portable and can move from one room to the next.

Halton Return Air Unit for Grill Ventilation 

Halton Return Air Unit for Grill VentilationAnother solution by Halton is the Return Air Unit for Grill Ventilation, designed to capture and release pure air back into the kitchen area of your healthcare facility. The return air unit protects your kitchen staff and others who may be nearby.

Kills 99.99% of Viruses

With the use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation in the grill ventilation system, most of the germs and viruses that circulate through the system do not last long. Once the air is clean, it is recycled back into the atmosphere, releasing clean air into your kitchen and capturing unfiltered air.

Compatible in Most Kitchens

This return air unit is compatible with current MUA/RTU systems that may exist in your commercial kitchen. Halton understands that most customers are already operating in a functional commercial kitchen that may have a variety of different appliances and equipment, so they need to be compatible with the most popular options. They also replace standard return air grills, allowing your kitchen to continue operating with the same functions as before, just with a cleaner and safer environment.


Any time you are looking to make upgrades to your commercial kitchen, the cost of including new equipment is something to consider. The benefit of this grill ventilation is that it is cost-efficient by performing the same tasks with an additional feature of viral-fighting ventilation. It is also stainless-steel, making it durable and built to last. With any potential future pandemics that could arise after COVID-19, your facility will be efficiently prepared and will not require additional costs.

Choose UV Protection For Your Kitchen and Healthcare Facility

Whether you are looking to purify and remove harmful viruses from your kitchen or other areas in your facility, the power of UV protection is the best way to move forward with anti-viral solutions. By maintaining a clean and purified atmosphere with the Halton UVGI Stand-Alone Mobile Filtration Unit and the Halton Return Air Unit for grill ventilation, you are keeping areas where staff, patients, and others frequent healthy and free from lingering viral particles.

If you're ready to take the next step in UV protection for your healthcare facility, the experts at Eaton Marketing are here to help. Learn all about Halton's solutions and how they can benefit your facility and keep patients, staff, and guests healthy. Create your free healthcare foodservice action plan below.

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