Eaton Marketing - Oct 3, 2019

What Foodservice Consultants Should Know About Water Filtration

One of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment is the water filtration system.

First impressions count, and water quality is no exception. Customers want to know their food and water are going to taste great and be safe to consume. Savvy foodservice consultants see the investment in state-of-the-art water treatment technology as a smart choice in an industry dependent on reputation and the bottom line.

What Water Filtration Systems Do

The benefits of installing a top-of-the-line water filtration system in your restaurant are numerous and varied. Good water is essential to many aspects of the business including food and beverage preparation as well as clean-up and sanitation. Whether the venue is a large industrial kitchen or a small community coffee shop, a robust water filtration system is vital to customer satisfaction and equipment life efficiency. Here is why they matter.

  • Taste Water may be already safe to drink but it doesn't always taste as good as it should. Since the early 1900s, chlorine has been used to disinfect our drinking water. The taste of chlorine may not bother some customers but for others, it can ruin their dining experience. The chlorinated taste might affect the flavor of the tea you serve or of the vegetables you steam. Quality systems, like the 3M™ Foodservice Water Filtration System, offer an efficient solution. 
  • Lifespan - One of the challenges of restaurant operations is keeping vital equipment in good working order. Chlorinated products in water can cause damage to stainless steel and gaskets because of limescale buildup in equipment. A good filtration system filters out contaminants and sediment as well as minerals known to cause the most scale damage. It is a wise investment certain to save future equipment downtimes and costly repairs.
  • Bottom Line - Filtered water is a money saver in more ways than one. It can help reduce detergent costs and substantially lower energy consumption. Extending the lifespan of expensive equipment along with dealing with fewer breakdowns and malfunctions are good reasons for foodservice consultants to recommend a quality filtration system. Water characteristics can vary from location to location so it's always a good idea to consult a specialist.

How Water Filtration Systems Are Used

Water filtration systems have multiple applications in the foodservice industry. One of the most important is the restaurant's ice machine. 3M's Ice Machine Water Filtration System greatly reduces scale buildup increasing the life of the machine and preventing maintenance problems. The system also controls bin corrosion and eliminates unwanted chlorine tastes for better customer experience.

Beverage dispensers in quick-serve restaurants and convenience stores get a vigorous daily workout. For these businesses, keeping the units functional and clean is important for the bottom line. Fountain beverage water filters reduce excessive sediment helping to maintain the durability of smaller parts including valves and pumps. 3M's Sanitary Quick Change System is the perfect choice to reduce odors and contamination.

The popularity of specialty coffees and flavorful teas makes it all the more crucial to have access to good clear water. Coffee water filtration reduces scale build-up on heating coils so your equipment lasts much longer. Clogging in the spray head can be avoided because the filter technology captures sediment before it has a chance to clog. The result is a great-tasting brew customers will return to try again and again.

Poor quality water can wreak havoc on commercial kitchen steam equipment. Restaurants can protect their expensive steamers by installing a filtration system designed to reduce damaging scale. 3M's Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Units help you save energy while decreasing equipment failures and service calls. It only makes sense to meet the challenge head-on.

3M™ Water Filtration is your comprehensive source for quality water filtration systems. We offer friendly expert service with a focus on individual needs and locations. Schedule some time with us so we can help you better help your end users to realize the importance of water filtration.

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Written by Eaton Marketing