Kevin Eaton - Mar 31, 2016

What's The Danger Zone When It Comes To Freezing Food?

Food is delicate. Even when frozen, it needs to be chilled as quickly as possible to avoid any harmful qualities. And when it comes to freezing food, there are two options – 1) with conventional freezers, or 2) with blast chillers and shock freezers from Thermo-Kool.

Designed and created by some of the top engineers in the foodservice industry, Thermo-Kool freezers and refrigeration units are built to new standards of efficiency, economy, and ease of operation. More important, they are designed to power your food products through the "danger zone" as quickly as possible.Thermo Kool - Freezing Food - the Danger Zone

What is the "danger zone"?

The "danger zone" is the period of time it takes food to go from heated or room temperature to a chilled temperature of 37º or cooler. The longer this period of time, the greater the chance for bacteria growth or the formation of macro ice crystals that can harm the quality of your foods.

With Thermo-Kool, this process is fast. How fast? Real fast. Consider these statistics:

  • - With Thermo-Kool, it's possible to freeze a 1,000-pound donkey from normal body temperature to 37º in about an hour.
  • - Not looking to freeze a donkey? You can freeze 1,400 pounds of meat from a post-prepared temperature of 165º to a chilled temperature of 37º in just two hours. That equals about 2,814 steaks.

Avoiding the "Danger Zone"

Poor freezing ability leads to lower quality food products. Low quality food leads to unhappy customers. Learn how to power through the "danger zone" by contacting your local Eaton Marketing rep today.

Or learn more today by reading the Guide to Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers.

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.