Eaton Marketing - Jun 26, 2019

4 Reasons Why Country Clubs Should Consider an Evo Outdoor Cooktop

Country clubs in Florida see a lot of use when the weather is nice, and in Florida, the weather is often nice. In addition to their day-to-day activities, though, country clubs also host events like corporate parties and weddings. One thing these events all have in common is food and often a need to cook food on-site and outside.

Though standard grills can often be a default piece of foodservice equipment, country clubs can actually experience improved efficiency and quality by using something else. The Evo Professional Series outdoor cooktop is designed specifically for these types of applications, and here are four reasons why:

Two Cook Zones

The Evo outdoor cooktop differs from most other gas grills in terms of its shape. Rather than a rectangle, the Evo grill has a circular cooktop. This cooktop has a 30 inch diameter, providing plenty of room for grilling everything from burgers to corn to chicken. Better yet, the cooktop consists of a single flat surface made of black seasoned steel, so you don't have to worry about smaller food items slipping down the grate.

The Evo's cooktop is divided into two distinct cook zones, each of which can be independently controlled. Like the grill itself, these cook zones have a circular shape. In other words, one cook zone runs around the perimeter of the grill surface, while the other occupies the center.

Many chefs prefer to set the center zone at a higher heat, allowing foods to be transferred to the cooler outer ring as they finish. That outer position also means they can be easily off-loaded from the grill as necessary.

Even Heating

Pretty much anybody who has ever cooked on a gas grill knows that the temperature settings indicated on the grill knobs are rough estimates at best. When it comes to actual use, conventional gas grills almost always experience problematic hot and cool spots that make it difficult to cook food accurately. Instead, you often end up with under- and over-cooked products.

The Evo Professional Series possesses far more sophistication when it comes to temperature control. Each cook zone is heated by its own gas tube burners, which can provide a range of temperatures from 225 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The ability to control temperatures so accurately means that chefs can utilize a variety of cooking techniques, including braising, sautéing, pan frying, roasting, and poaching.

Safe Design

As noted above, the surface of an Evo Professional Series outdoor gas grill consists of a flat circle of blackened steel, with no holes or perforations. This design helps to prevent a drawback common on conventional gas-grills. As grease and food debris slips through the grate on such a grill, it often causes flames to spurt up.

Such flare-ups can negatively impact the quality of your cooking. Worse still, they can lead to serious injuries to cooks. Evo's grills do away with this problem completely. Instead of falling through the cooktop directly onto active flames, grease slides safely off the sides of the cooktop, landing in the surrounding stainless steel drip pan.

Easy Maneuvering

Evo understands that grills are rarely used in only one place, especially when they're being moved around the pool deck or veranda of your local country club. Instead, you will likely have to reposition the grill according to the logistical arrangements of each particular event. Professional series grills make this easy. To begin with, they have well-constructed wheels and a rear handle that allows them to be easily pushed or pulled. Furthermore, the cooktop itself has a quick release mechanism which allows it to be easily lifted off the top of the grill.

Evo's Professional Series outdoor gas grills are designed to make cooking outdoors as convenient as possible.

Looking for new ways to provide outdoor cooking in a country club or another outside situation? Schedule some time with an expert at Eaton Marketing to see how we can help.

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