Eaton Marketing - Jul 20, 2016

Rep Prep: 10 Minutes with Foodservice Equipment Expert Kevin Dillon


Rep Prep from Eaton Marketing is an informative series that gives you access to one of our foodservice equipment experts. In this edition, spend 10 minutes with Kevin Dillon.

Give us a little background on yourself.

I have a two-year girl named Lilliana who keeps my beautiful wife Sarah and myself very busy. We just moved into a new home and are enjoying all the new space.

I came into the industry as an installer six years ago. After working in the field for four years, I moved into the office and began assisting the quoting department and other administrative duties. I spent nine months in my first desk job and was itching to get back on the road. This is when Eaton Marketing promoted me and I discovered my love for sales.

Out of all the lines represented by Eaton Marketing, which one is your favorite?

Picking a favorite is tough. Every line we represent proposes a solution to any challenge a kitchen may encounter. Southbend would make my top three if I had to choose.

Why is it your favorite?

Southbend has a very diverse line. With three different tiers of range and convection ovens, they truly have something for everyone.

How does it provide return on investment for operators?

With Southbend's new NRG Convection Oven System, the end-user will see annual savings of $881.00 using propane gas and $232.00 using natural gas. These savings add up over the years!

Tell us about the most successful install you've ever seen using products from this line?

Bentley Village ALF in Naples, FL uses all platinum products including our World-Famous Steakhouse Broiler along with NRG systems on their convection ovens. This offers high end, large volume, and energy efficient cooking solutions.

Where is your favorite place to go out to dinner? 

Ulele in Tampa, FL

Does it contain foodservice equipment represented by Eaton?

Yes. Jade and Perlick to name a few.

What do you usually order?

As strange as it sounds, the Roasted Quail is amazing.

How has foodservice equipment changed in recent years?

In my short career in the industry I am seeing more requests for energy saving solutions.

What do you see in store for the foodservice industry?

I believe “smart kitchens” will be the wave of the future for our industry – remote monitoring, interactive touch screen controls that focus on reducing energy consumption. With Millennials coming into management and ownership roles, these types of systems will become a standard for future kitchens.

Learn more about Southbend and their game-changing line of ranges. Spend a few short minutes watching this video on the ultimate commercial kitchen range.


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Written by Eaton Marketing