Eaton Marketing - Jun 10, 2019

Introducing 3 Key Benefits of Doyon Jet Air Ovens

Baking is one of the most fundamental tasks accomplished in commercial kitchens. In fact, most chefs and kitchen managers would rank ovens among the most vital of all cooking appliances, and baking is a main reason for this. And that's where Doyon enters the picture.

Food industry experts have long recognized that Doyon produces some of the most useful and innovative ovens on the market today. Doyon's record of excellence has stemmed from two key strategies: a commitment to high quality and a constant search for ways to refine and improve on their products.

One of the most exciting tools in Doyon's arsenal is their new line of Jet Air ovens. If you would like to learn more about what sets those Jet Air ovens above those of their competitors, keep reading. This article takes a closer look at three key benefits offered by Doyon Jet Air ovens.

No More Turning

One of the greatest challenges of designing a commercial oven is ensuring that it cooks food evenly. Unfortunately, virtually no ovens have been able to solve this problem. As a result, bakers and food professionals have always had to open the oven and turn the pans around halfway through the bake. Otherwise, the front half of the pan simply wouldn't cook as thoroughly as the back.

Turning pans represents a time-consuming and annoying process, especially in kitchens that routinely produce high volumes of food. Worse still, if a cook forgets to turn their pans, the food may have to be discarded entirely. Staying on top of oven turning simply requires an excessive amount of labor and mental energy.

Doyon's patented Jet Air system has changed all that. In traditional ovens, heated air only moves in one direction. In a Doyon Jet Air oven, by contrast, the air moves in one direction, stops, and then moves back in the opposite direction. This bidirectional ability means that all parts of the oven receive equal access to the heat. As a result, bakers no longer have to bother turning pans.

Better Efficiency

Not having to turn pans midway through cooking improves efficiency in terms of labor costs since workers won't have to perform this time-consuming task. Furthermore, the Jet Air system prevents you from losing valuable heat by opening up your oven as frequently. As a result, you can achieve significantly lower levels of energy consumption.

Yet Doyon's Jet Air ovens also contribute to improved efficiency in a variety of other ways. For one thing, they come fully insulated, meaning you won't have to worry about precious heat leaking out of the oven. The full view glass panels and bright interior lighting allow kitchen professionals to visually monitor cooking food without having to open the door.

Another key efficiency feature comes in the form of Doyon's Ebake Programmable Control, which makes it easy to set highly specific cooking parameters. The system even comes with USB+ functionality. These features make it easy to specify cooking temperatures and times, and thus to reduce the waste associated with unnecessary runtimes and overly hot ovens.

Versatile Options

When selecting a Jet Air oven from Doyon, kitchen managers can choose from a wide range of optional features to suit the specific needs of their kitchen. To begin with, Jet Air ovens come in both gas and electric versions. Furthermore, pizza restaurants can opt for to include perforated nickel-plated pizza decks to ensure perfectly cooked crusts. And those who routinely bake at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit may benefit from a high temp gasket.

To learn more about how you can customize a Doyon oven, or to schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment, please don't hesitate to contact us at your soonest convenience.

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Written by Eaton Marketing