Kevin Eaton - Apr 5, 2021

Middleby Ventless Pizza Ovens for Schools

Kids love pizza. Often one of the top food choices of children, pizza is a lunch staple in schools of all levels. But getting the pies cooked and onto plates quickly can be a challenge for cafeteria workers.

Having Middleby Ventless Pizza Ovens in your school will not only get pizzas out the door but also allow school kitchens to produce lunch in places they never imagined. 


Studies show that elementary school students get about 25 minutes for lunch every day, and middle and high school students receive 30 minutes. That might sound like plenty of time, but that includes the children's time in line for their lunch. So quickly cooking and serving Doyon RPO3 ventless pizza oven lunch meals is essential to make sure every child receives a nourishing lunch. The Doyon RPO3 Ventless Pizza Oven not only thoroughly cooks three 18" pies in five minutes but also has rotating racks so that staff can cook different pies simultaneously, getting more pizzas ready at once 

Serving pizza in high volumes? TurboChef offers solutions. Their Single Batch and Double Batch ovens circulate impingent air, decreasing cooking times up to 50%, producing more pizzas per hour. And their High-Speed Conveyor will heat the pizzas faster than any conveyor on the market, making sure staff and students get a hot meal quickly. 


As crucial as it is to rapidly cook food for school lunches, making sureTurboChef_Fire the pizzas are cooked thoroughly is also important. There's nothing more disappointing after a long morning of math class and P.E. than biting into a slice of pizza and finding it's raw or cold. If your student body loves a crispier crust on their pies, the TurboChef Fire provides an even bake and can cook 14" fresh dough pizzas in 90 seconds. Providing an artisan-style bake, it's the perfect oven for schools with a smaller enrollment size or with a smaller kitchen area. 


Middleby Ventless Kitchen Solutions allows schools to have pizza ovens in almost any location, even non-traditional ones. With hood location no longer a priority, schools can be more flexible and have pizza ovens in their cafeteria kitchens, at sporting events or in any place you'd never expect to see a pizza oven. In addition to allowing for ovens to go in unexpected places, ventless technology also destroys grease vapors internally and saves on maintenance costs when you have an oven hood. Allow you to create a profit center where there was once just empty space.


For the latest trends on foodservice equipment for schools, follow our Eaton Marketing blog today. If you have questions about how Middleby Ventless Pizza Ovens can help your staff serve lunch quicker, get a free school foodservice equipment assessment from one of our Eaton Marketing experts. 

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.