Eaton Marketing - Jan 17, 2023

Bake from Start to Finish with These Doyon Recipes

Simply put, Doyon is the leading name in baking equipment with solutions that will help operators from start to finish. Established in 1950, Doyon has carefully selected their product expansion over the years to meet customer demands. A large part of that focus is on bakeries and operations with a baking component.

Doyon fits perfectly in hotels, supermarkets, and even educational settings like colleges and universities. Their solutions can meet the demands of baking trends such as gluten-free preparation and high-volume par-bake operations. And in terms of versatility, baking equipment from Doyon helps operators from the mixing stage to proofing and even to baking.

To truly see the power of Doyon, though, we suggest using the equipment. Here are three amazing recipes that you'll not only enjoy making and eating but also display the power of Doyon baking equipment.

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The Eaton Marketing Test Kitchens are open for your use. If you'd like to work with one of our chefs to test these recipes or to demo any of the equipment, we invite you to book time with one of our chefs or attend a live In the Weeds event.

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Written by Eaton Marketing