Eaton Marketing - Jul 29, 2021

Expand Your Brewery Operation with These Equipment Solutions

Whether you're running a brewery or taproom, you're always looking for ways to expand your operations. It's important to grow the amount of beer you can produce and get your brand name out there to cultivate a following of loyal customers.

When you expand your brewery operations, you're going to need new equipment, and it needs to be equipment that provides solutions to your current pain points. Without the right equipment, brewery operations can stagnate. Here's a look at some equipment solutions that can take you to the next level.


Designed for a small-scale brewery looking to grow, the 1 bbl Brewhouse isn't a scaled-up home brewery system, but instead, a scaled-down professional, major brewery system. It brings you to the next level without requiring you to commit to the space needed for a full-scale brewing company. The benefits of this professional-grade system include:

  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Max sanitary pumps
  • Three vessel system
  • Electric
  • Milled plate false bottom
  • Grain-out door
  • Heating elements for HLT, RIMS, and Internal Calandria
  • Patent-pending valve tree  
  • Fully sanitary hard piping 

You can use your new 1 bbl Brewhouse to concoct new brews or increase the production of recipes that are already a hit with your customer base to increase it. 


If you need a way to easily can your beer while ramping up your production lines to take your brewery or taphouse to the next level, look no further. Wild Goose Filling offers several options to make the canning processes easier and more productive in your operation. These include:

Wild Goose Fusion™ Counter Pressure

  • Can expand up to 45 cans per minute

Single Lane Evolution Series

  • Supports you as you take the steps from your earliest production stages to higher speed canning with upgradeable system options available that allow you to fill up anywhere from 15 to 50 cans per minute.

Dual Lane Evolution Series

  • Up to 100 cans per minute!


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Up to 12 cans per minute


Known for its quality and excellence, Deutsche Beverage offers a full line of equipment solutions to help you make a move in your beer production. Here are some great options:

Tilting Hop Infuser

  • Portable with removable basket design
  • Fully enclosed inline capsule


  • Open-top fermentation
  • Inlet basket for hop straining

Horizontal stackable lager tanks

  • Helps maximize available space
  • Customizable for your specific needs

Clean in place cart

  • Temperature controls on the heated vessels
  • Wheel caster that lock in place

Deutsche Beverage is a full-service company that puts a lot of details into its designs that can help your business grow now and in the future. Many of their products are customizable so that your brewery gets exactly what it needs to become successful.


Once you have a recipe you like, you need to fill cans with it and roll it out to your customer base. A small business doesn't need an ultra-expensive machine that fills 1,000 containers a minute. Inline Filling Systems have the solutions you need. Here's a look at some of the equipment options available for your brewery:

  • Overflow filling machines
  • Time gravity filling machines
  • Piston filling machines
  • Servo pump filling machines

Whether you're a large operation or a new brewery business just starting out, Inline Filling Systems have multiple bottling equipment options to help you optimize your overall beer production. 

When you're ready to maximize your sales and appeal to a larger customer base, you need equipment solutions that help. You can grow your bar, brewery, or taproom with a few additional pieces of equipment. To help you get started, sign up for a free bar & beverage consultation from the experts at Eaton Marketing

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