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The Three Components of Integrated Oil Management

The Three Components of Integrated Oil Management


Integrated oil management can provide a range of benefits for Florida's foodservice operations. Those include providing savings on oil costs, ease of use for operators, and ultimately, better fried foods for customers. But how?

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An integrated oil management system from Pitco is composed of three things. Discover them in this short animation.







ROV, or reduced oil volume, allows operators to save up to 40 percent in annual oil costs. Essentially, the less oil you use, the less oil you have to buy, and that's the goal with Solstice Supreme ROV. There are additional benefits to reducing oil volume, though.

For starters, an automated, built-in filtration system can help reduce the amount of labor required to manage a frying oil system. And with Pitco, auto oil top off capabilities ensures oil levels stay at ideal frying depth, replacing oxidizing oils with fresh oils as required. 

Basically, if you're looking to extend the life of your oil up to six weeks, Solstice Supreme ROV is an important consideration.


Pitco's seven-inch touchscreen makes operation a breeze. It can be branded with an on-screen logo, and controls are adjustable for brightness. In addition, data tracking capabilities are included for hours of operation, cook cycles, filter cycles, and more. Looking to transfer that data? Just hook up a drive to a USB port.


Pitco manufacturers the most accurate oil sensing frying so you can know when to re-use oil and when to change it. This allows Florida foodservice operations to ensure top quality fried foods like popcorn shrimp and conch fritters, while also saving on oil costs.

User-friendly alerts will let operators know what to do and when, preventing you from losing money on early oil changes and losing customers on late ones. In addition, automatic and accurate oil quality measurements are displayed and stored with Pitco SOS SmartOIL SENSORs.

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