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Cook in Three Different Ways Using This One Oven

Cook in Three Different Ways Using This One Oven

Charcoal grilling is one of the best things in cooking. The intense heat, smoke, and the aroma of wood give food a quite unique flavor. All that greatness comes with a downside, though. Traditionally, charcoal grilling has never belonged in Florida commercial kitchens.

Josper, one of the most experienced and reliable oven producers in the foodservice industry, changed this paradigm and made charcoal grilling available to professional chefs. In fact, they went beyond that, making it even more powerful and versatile.

Josper is a new manufacturer for Eaton Marketing and we’re happy to introduce their ovens to foodservice professionals in Florida.

josperThese charcoal ovens can smoke and grill food at high temperatures and are built with materials that can withstand those temperatures. Also, they consume up to 40% less charcoal than open grills.

With such a revolutionary oven, new applications open up for chefs. Here are just three examples of what you can do with it.


The most immediate way to use Josper is for grilling meat, vegetables, and other types of food. For large-volume operations (like steakhouses), the oven’s performance is impressive. Josper can cook up to 15 pounds of meat in six minutes and more than 300 pounds in an hour.


Combining Josper with sous-vide works in two ways. You can sear and grill food with Josper first, cook it sous-vide, and then regenerate it right before serving. Or you can sous-vide food first and then finish it off with Josper.

Either way works particularly well for operations with high volumes (like catering or production kitchens), which must rely on a large mise en place before service. Also, fine restaurants can use this application, experimenting with one of the six varieties of Josper’s wood chips to obtain new flavors, textures and aromas.


When you use the traditional grilling method, thanks to Josper’s power you can grill large quantities of vegetables in advance so you can have your garnishes ready when service time comes.

Charcoal grilling is no longer exclusive to the outdoors. Josper combined the potential of this cooking technique with the power of professional ovens and made it available to professional chefs.

Eaton is thrilled to over these chef-driven solutions from Josper. To learn more about how this equipment can be used in your Florida kitchen, schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with one of our experts.


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Written by Eaton Marketing