Eaton Marketing - Nov 28, 2023

Beyond the Hood: Exploring The Benefits of Ventless Cooking Equipment

New methods of cooking are becoming commonplace in the kitchen. Pop-up events, mobile kitchens, and even changing commercial kitchen layouts mean that different styles of cooking equipment are necessary to maintain quality in different environments. Ventless kitchen equipment is one way that commercial kitchen equipment is becoming more versatile and allows cooking in unique locations. 

The Increasing Popularity of Ventless Cooking

An electric-powered solution that can turn any space into a modern kitchen, ventless cooking eliminates the need for a traditional kitchen ventilation system. Rather than needing a vent to carry away smoke or grease, ventless cooking utilizes air recirculation and other technology to turn those debris components into harmless gasses or liquids.

As demand in commercial kitchen spaces is transitioning from traditional setups that have permanent venting hoods, there is a need for equipment that is adaptable to different environments, such as mobile kitchens like food trucks and non-traditional cooking spaces like outdoor events and pop-up dinners. Ventless foodservice equipment comes in especially handy for Florida restaurants, country clubs, and hotels which are able to have staff outside cooking more days of the year than other parts of the country.

Ventless equipment also helps reduce overhead costs, can travel to different locations, and can increase profits by turning non-traditional spaces into fully functional commercial kitchens.

Diverse Applications of Ventless Cooking

Venting typically brings ovens to mind, but almost all traditional cooking equipment requires some sort of venting solution. Turning to ventless kitchen equipment throughout the kitchen can take the benefits of ventless technology even further. Let's take a look at some of the styles of ventless equipment that can be used to help satisfy customers and diversify menus.

Ventless Fryers

Imagine being able to fry popular foods like chicken, French fries, and donuts anywhere customers are. Ventless fryers work in compact spaces like store kiosks and food trucks that have limited space and can help increase profits by selling comfort foods people love.

Ventless Grills and Griddles

Grilling burgers and chicken sandwiches at the turn onto the back nine holes not only delights golfers but also increases sales. And it's simple to do with a ventless grill or griddle. Without the need for an industrial fan or ventilation system, wheeling out a ventless grill wherever it's needed also works great in stadiums, at pools, or during concerts. Traditional grills produce a significant amount of smoke and steam, so an alternative solution of ventless grilling, which doesn't have the same issues, can substantially change the cooking environment.

Ventless Steamers

Ventless steamers bring food up to temperature and can double as holding cabinets for food storage. They are mobile and adapt to dynamic kitchen needs. This allows seafood, vegetables, and other steamed foods to hold their temperatures anywhere there's space in the kitchen without relying on traditional venting solutions to disperse the leftover steam.

Ventless Ovens

Ventless ovens are one of the most popular ventless commercial equipment solutions. Rapid cook ovens,  modular ovens, conveyor ovens, combi ovens, and convection ovens can all be ventless and more suitable for modern kitchens with different venting requirements. These kitchen equipment solutions are versatile and easy to adapt to commercial kitchens, food trucks, pop-up events, and other cooking environments.

TurboChef Product Selector Tool

Ventless commercial equipment can help restaurant operators and kitchen managers get more out of their investments in equipment with versatile, transportable, and easily maintainable appliances. However, finding the right equipment that will work best in specific situations and kitchen environments can be challenging. Operators can take comfort in knowing that the TurboChef product selector tool is an online, easy-to-navigate option for finding the right ventless commercial oven. Just answer a few questions and the tool lets you know which TurboChef ventless oven works well for your needs. It's that simple!

Still on the fence about ventless? Take our quiz to help make your decision easier:

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