Eaton Marketing - May 2, 2018

4 Reasons to Start Cooking Faster with Rapid Cook Ovens

Rapid Cook Ovens

These days, it seems like we want everything now. In some cases, we want it yesterday. And nowhere is speed more in demand than in foodservice. From pizza to breakfast sandwiches, consumers expect their food fast. But with cooking food, sometimes quality can be sacrificed for speed. That’s not the case with the technology found in rapid cook ovens.

Think of rapid cooking as "fast" food, done right.

Now consider these four reasons for Florida foodservice operations to use rapid cook ovens and provide better quality food, faster than ever before.


Time is money in foodservice. With rapid cook ovens, restaurants, convenience stores, and cafeterias can prepare high quality menu items in less than half the time of more traditional ovens. In fact, cook times are often decreased by nearly 80% with rapid cook ovens. And the less time it takes to cook, the more orders a kitchen can fulfill.


Roasted vegetables, pepperoni pizza, and chicken wings  all cooked in less than five minutes (and in some cases, seconds) with a rapid cook oven. No matter the style of operation – a convenience store, full-service restaurant, or beach bar – a rapid cook oven can handle almost anything on your menu.

TurboChef Rapid Cook


The first thing you may notice about rapid cook ovens is their size. While packing the punch of a heavy-duty oven, rapid cook ovens employ a small footprint. Operators can also take advantage of certain models of rapid cook ovens that utilize a stackable design, allowing them to double their throughput without sacrificing an inch of counter space.


Rapid cook ovens operate ventless, and for foodservice operators, that means their location is not dependent on where a kitchen hood resides. With one less oven to require a hood, that saves on energy consumption. As a ventless oven, rapid cooking can even be brought into the front-of-the-house.

Introducing Rapid Cook Ovens from TurboChef

Since 1991, TurboChef has pioneered the world of rapid cooking for foodservice operations. Their range of rapid cook ovens are versatile, user-friendly, energy-saving, and incredibly efficient. TurboChef ovens cook food faster with consistent results, without compromising quality.

To learn more about the rapid cook oven solutions available to Florida foodservice operations, read the TurboChef Rapid Cook Guide. Get started by clicking below.

turbochef rapid cook oven


Written by Eaton Marketing