Eaton Marketing - Feb 14, 2017

How a Combi Oven Led to a Guinness World's Record

As one of Sydney, Australia’s biggest employers of professional kitchen equipment, Mak Catering offers his customers reliable high-quality kitchen equipment. Leading caterers, event planners, or hotels might use his services for their events, which could range from festivals to TV shows to weddings to trade fairs to sporting events.

“Our appliances are always on the road and get set up and connected a lot. Therefore the reliability of our combi-steamers is a major criteria for us," said Martin Köstlin, managing director of Mak Catering Kitchen Equipment Hire & Sales. "They have to be particularly durable. Only Eloma offers that – not without reason do we have 26 Genius T in our portfolio.”

Eloma combi-steamers are made of a thicker material and are heavier than others on the market. That guarantees less wear and tear, as well as an excellent transportability.

“Thanks to the top-quality material and the good craftsmanship, we can assemble and disassemble our Eloma combi-steamers again and again," Köstlin said. “That is crucial in our business.”

They even withstand outdoor use. And beyond the festivals and weddings and sporting events, they also make it possible to break a Guinness Record.

“Last time we used the combi-steamers was at the pulled pork Guinness world record [event] at the Martin Place in Sydney. The Australians are crazy about pulled pork and wanted to get the world record for the biggest portion,” Köstlin said.

What was needed for the world record? 780 kg pork, 53 kg onions, and 115 liter Guinness beer. The meat was marinated the night before the event and cooked in Eloma combi-steamers for 10 hours at low-temperature. Twenty people were there to pull and weigh the pork afterwards.

The official result: an impressive 707 kg, about 1,558 pounds, and a new Guinness World Record! Though the record has since been broken by Florida's own Sonny's BBQ, the use of a combi-oven steamer from Eloma can be a critical element to serving high quality in high quantities. Want to see how? 

To get a first hand look at the Eloma combi technology, schedule some time with Eaton Marketing today. You can even put in a request for a pulled pork sandwich.

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Written by Eaton Marketing