Eaton Marketing - Mar 28, 2020

The Basics of Combi Oven Cooking

Combination ovens, or 'combi ovens', are like the Swiss Army knife of commercial kitchens. You can produce a large volume of consistently high-quality foods using one of these efficient, all-in-one units, so let's take a closer look at what some of those capabilities are when it comes to the basics of combi oven cooking.

Huge Versatility in a Small Package

These versatile pieces of equipment increase efficiency, productivity, and workflow in the back of house. Since they take up very little space considering everything they do, combi ovens are perfect for cramped kitchens. For a modest amount of space, you can increase your output, add more variety to your menu, and improve food quality. 

Combi ovens are easy to use and can take the place of multiple other appliances in a small kitchen. They allow you to cook using either convection or steam, or a combination of both. Replace your convection ovens, kettles, fryers, smokers, steamers, and even dehydrators. In fact, it's estimated that approximately 90% of all food prepared commercially around the world can be made with a combi oven with similar results. Now, that's versatility!

Produce Better Quality Food With a Combi Oven

How does a gloriously crisp and deliciously browned exterior sound? It's even better when that crispy exterior is protecting an exceptionally moist and juicy interior. You can have this perfect combination when you use a combi oven. Check out the video below as Eaton Marketing's own Chef Rick Pawlak cooks up golden fries in just minutes in a Blodgett Hoodini ventless combi oven: 



Retain nutrients, color, and flavor when you use a combi oven rather than conventional steaming or poaching. Steaming accelerates the transfer of heat, reducing cooking times and food shrinkage. Unlike steamers, combi ovens let you control both the temperature and the humidity at the same time.

The dry, circulating heat of convection cooking produces perfect baked goods, pizza, and steaks. With combi mode, you get the best of both dry heat and steam. Since heat is what causes browning, you'll actually get faster, better browning results using combi mode since the steam holds the extra heat needed to get that perfectly browned and crisp exterior. You'll also have moister, more flavorful meat with less shrinkage. Watch as Chef Matt McMeekin uses Blodgett's combi rethermalization technology to heat up chicken patties. 



Going Ventless with a Blodgett Hoodini Ventless Combi Oven

Blodgett CombiSlimThe Blodgett Hoodini ventless combi oven is designed to help operators avoid taking up valuable hood space in an existing kitchen, saving thousands on installation and maintenance costs.

Break free from hood systems for your commercial ovens. Since hood systems use immense amounts of energy, a good way to help get foodservice in line with carbon neutrality is to invest in ventless equipment. 

Who Can Benefit From a Combi Oven?

Just about anyone with a commercial kitchen serving more than 20 customers a day would benefit from a combi oven. This includes everyone from school cafeterias to fine dining restaurants, from institutional kitchens to concession stands. A combi oven lets you get most out of your space and workforce so you may need less of both. 

These remarkable units also allow you to increase your variety of menu offerings, improve food quality, and increase portion numbers due to reduced shrinkage. That's an especially important factor as meat prices continue to rise. For all of these reasons and more, isn't it time you considered a combi oven?

Want to see first-hand what you can do with combi? Schedule some time to get a free assessment in one of our Eaton test kitchens to see this technology up close.

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Written by Eaton Marketing