Eaton Marketing - Jun 29, 2017

Case Study: Increasing Participation in a Florida School Cafeteria by 25 Percent


One of the biggest challenges faced by school nutrition directors in Florida school cafeterias is the ability to increase student participation. By increasing participation, schools can create additional revenue, have a greater nutritional influence on students, and even keep students safer by encouraging them to stay on campus.

For Southeast High School in Manatee County, participation and speed of service were lagging behind while the cafeteria itself showed age and wear. After a complete facelift, here were the results:

Nutritional_Influence_on_Students.jpg Florida_School_Cafeteria.jpg


After the Southeast High School cafeteria received a makeover with equipment from LTI, student participation increased by 25 percent while serving times were cut by 20 minutes.

Students now have time to go through the line and enjoy their food without being rushed. This gives the school the ability to move more students through the line while increasing revenues. 

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Written by Eaton Marketing