Kevin Eaton - Nov 26, 2012

Perlick - Century II Beer System - Craft Beers

Last month, I took at trip to the 'frozen tundra' of Wisconsin to visit our friends at Perlick. I was excited to learn more about the Century II Beer System because of some really cool new features like temperature dropping so you can have your beer system located in a food cooler but yet still serve the beer at the right temperature (36-38 degrees).

Another innovative feature is that this is the first beer system where you can 'remote' the compressor outside of the building. Ultimately, this reduces the heat in the kitchen and minimizes the amount of space needed in the kitchen.

The flash chilling process becomes vital for restaurants and bars who want to offer craft beers since certain breweries require their beer to be served at precise temperatures preserving the integrity of the beer. For example, one can serve a domestic beer at 32 degrees satisfying the traditional 'frost brewed' beers like Coors and have a craft brew at 38 degrees right next to each other out of the same dispensing head. Another benefit is being able to adjust the temperature of the beer based on an inside vs. outdoor bar in order to chill the beer a bit more when in warmer weather like we have most of the year here in Florida.

It was impressive to see how Perlick has grown in the past few years. For instance, every month they are hosting a webinar to train us on new products. It's an exciting time to be a Perlick rep.

Holy crap - I need a beer right now!

~ Kevin Eaton, President

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.