Kevin Eaton - Sep 30, 2021

What Makes a Perlick Beer System Better Than the Competition?


You have choices for your beer systems. And in the Florida heat, it's even more important to keep your beer cold as it runs from the keg to the glass. There are a wide range of companies and manufacturers that provide beer systems, but what makes a Perlick beer system better than the competition?

When dispensed properly, draft beer will generate major profits for Florida bar and beverage program operators. That's why it pays to choose the right beverage dispensing system.

When comparing beer systems, one must look at the following key components:

Does your beer system offer field replaceable shanks in the beer tower?

Perlick's does. Why does this matter? Have you ever seen a bar that has a cup over the tap? Well, the bartender can't pour out of that tap because it's broken and CANNOT be fixed. It's welded. You are now down from six beers to five. With Perlick, you simply screw out the shank from the beer tower, and it's fixed, saving you a ton of time, money, and customer satisfaction.

Does your beer system use copper lines for the glycol system?

Perlick's does. This guaranties beer is held at the proper temperatures.

As you know, keeping beer and serving different varieties of beer at ideal temperatures is very important. The ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology by Perlick is engineered specifically to solve the challenges bar operators face in trying to serve a variety of beers at the optimal serving temperature.

ArcticPOUR is the only beer system that lets you remotely dispense two different beer temperatures at the tap and can accommodate up to three trunklines from one coolant deck. The ArcticPOUR Glycol Bath Flash Chiller chills the beer to six degrees below the keg temp, allowing for 32 degree beer from a 38 degree keg.

Speaking of trunklines, is your trunk housing doing what it's supposed to do?

A trunk housing routes beer lines from the keg to the dispensing head. But not all trunk housings are created equally. The difference is inside.

Perlick Trunk Housing beer lines are vapor-sealed to pure copper coolant lines for the entire length of the housing. Perlick beer lines are made from an exclusive barrier tubing designed for the Century System which seals in CO2 to keep beer fresh, and seals out air that produces an off-taste. Trunk housing with poly coolant lines is also available for use with Perlick's PP Series Power Paks.

What about your pressure source?

Using the right pressure source to force beer from the keg to the tap is critical. It's important to select a pressure source that is appropriate for your application. It may be CO2 for a low pressure system, or a CO2/Nitrogen blend for a high pressure system. Or if you’re planning to have multiple stations, longer runs, or higher lifts, beer pumps may be the best choice.

Beer pumps are economical and user friendly. A single beer pump can service up to three different faucets from just one keg, saving inventory costs and increasing cooler space.

And finally, what is driving your beer system?

The Power Pak is the workhorse of the Century Remote beer dispensing system, playing a vital role in maintaining a constant temperature from keg to tap to ensure a consistent pour. Century Power Paks come in a variety of sizes and configurations in both air-cooled and water-cooled options to allow perfect matching with any system.

Learn more about Perlick Beer Systems in this new, comprehensive guide.

Now that you've seen the basics behind what makes a Perlick beer system better than the rest, feel free to dive a little deeper by downloading the Beer Systems Guide. For a more personal introduction, you can also schedule a free bar and beverage consultation with an expert at Eaton Marketing who specializes in streamlining efficiency and enhancing bar and beverage profitability.

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.