Eaton Marketing - Apr 12, 2023

Product of the Quarter - Perlick Mobile Bar Spotlight

Last year the bar and nightclub market hit just shy of 30 billion dollars, and it’s estimated that more than 54 percent of Americans have had an alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days. On top of that, 70 percent of people in the United States enjoy drinking on a regular basis. What does this mean for operators? Taking the bar to the customer can be profitable. Perlick’s series of mobile bar solutions designed by Tobin Ellis is an ideal starting point, and every model is just as stunning as the next.

Why Perlick?

Perlick was founded a century ago by Robert K. Perlick in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It began as a family-owned and operated brass works company in 1917, and now Perlick continues to be owned and led by generations of family members. A German immigrant, Perlick was considered an advanced craftsman for his time. Now, more than 100 years later, the company continues with a deeply rooted passion for creating the best bar experiences in the industry.

Perlick’s line of Tobin Ellis bars includes mobile ​​ergonomic solutions, luxurious eco-friendly recycled leather, and much more, depending on the model selected for your hotel, resort, or country club. Today the Perlick family's passion for the beer industry is recognized globally, and they continue to lead the way in commercial bar and beverage systems and premium brewery fittings.

Featuring Tobin Ellis


Mobile bars by Tobin Ellis are designed for events and entertaining partygoers either indoors or outside. Innovation and aesthetics are at the forefront of the company’s product strategy for one of the best mobile bar portfolios in the food and beverage industry.  

With so many options to choose from, the list of features from the series of Perlick mobile bars is long. Available from 36 inches up to 66 inches, the mobile bars are on five-inch stainless steel cast wheels in heavy-duty chassis for durability and longevity. There are five mobile bars to choose from in the Perlick series. Each option almost sparkles on-site with all stainless steel equipment and interior for a gorgeous, high-end look.   

Other features and key things to know about the Perlick mobile bar series include:

  • Innovative water heaters keep water hot for safe hand-washing and beverage service 
  • Six-gallon drainage tanks to easily expel water and increase bartending efficiencies 
  • LED task lighting to accommodate evening service to guests at late-night events
  • Mobile taps, including a two-faucet draft arm compatible with nitro coffee and wine or cold brew

See more straight from the tradeshow floor:

Innovative Benefits 

The Tobin Ellis signature series of mobile bars were created with bartenders and mixologists in mind. The line of innovative mobile bars is designed with a zero-step bartending cockpit to increase efficiencies, maximize drink throughput, and make sure bartenders are comfortable for usually long shifts.

Work with Perlick and Tobin Ellis to create a new mobile bar program or expand your current inventory. Mobile bar solutions can be set up anywhere, the beach, corporate retreats, food truck festivals, and many more unique venues. 

Tobin Ellis mobile bar equipment is ideal for hospitality businesses, catering companies, hotels, golf courses, stadiums, and more because of its saving space-saving qualities. Many mobile units can be quickly moved and tucked conveniently into small areas so guests can move more freely.

The Eaton team is honored to partner with Perlick and Tobin Ellis, superior bar and hospitality design partners backed by 32 years of experience.

Check out Perlick's mobile bar solutions for your bar program and join a list of  5-star resorts and high-volume nightclubs that enjoy profits from their mobile bar solutions today. Click below to get started!

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Written by Eaton Marketing