Eaton Marketing - Oct 17, 2023

Mixology Magic: Innovative Ways to Serve Drinks with the Perlick DDS36

Eaton Marketing and Perlick have the ideal solution for operations looking to develop more creative and profitable beverage programs using a system that provides the ultimate versatility. Known as the Perlick Direct Draw Beverage Dispenser, these units provide a range of key benefits that build on Perlick's outstanding reputation as the industry leader in bar and beverage equipment.

Perlick has paved the way in commercial beverage service and mixing innovation since 1917. The company designs high-quality, tailored beverage dispensing solutions to meet the unique requirements of each mixologist. Perlick’s team is committed to engineering commercial drink dispensers that improve the operational efficiencies for any size bar, restaurant, cocktail lounge, hotel, or country club. 

Built to satisfy some of the most demanding crowds in the hospitality industry, Perlick's DDS36 Direct Draw Beverage Dispenser withstands the test of time and heavy use by busy bartenders across the beverage industry. Having the right beverage equipment makes all the difference when trying to expand a beverage business, and the Perlick DDS36 Direct Draw Beverage Dispensers deliver on multiple fronts.

Key Benefits of the Perlick Direct Draw Dispenser

Faster Dispensing: Speed up beverage service and increase production with the rapid dispensing capabilities of the DDS36.

Consistent Temperature: Regardless of which employee is bartending, ensure every drink is consistently served at the perfect temperature.

Space Efficiency: Whether a local country club or large hotel chain, maximize space with compact and efficient dispenser designs. Choose a compressor mounted on a cabinet's left or right side to match space requirements.

Flexibility and Versatility: Adapt to various mixing styles and beverage trends and satisfy unexpected customer demand effortlessly.

Reduced Waste: Minimize the waste of valuable products to increase profits and improve sustainability in beverage operations.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: The DDS36 by Perlick is a flexible choice, meeting the needs of various service spaces. A stainless steel drainer can be plumbed directly to the floor, simplifying setup, saving time, and decreasing maintenance fees.

Enhanced Beverage Quality: Rise above the competition by elevating the taste and presentation of beverages.

Customization and Branding: Tailor Perlick’s Beverage Dispensers to match the unique brand and identity of the bar in any service environment.

Creative Ways to Serve Drinks with a DDS

Signature Cocktails on Tap: Elevate any bar program with a unique twist, offering perfectly crafted signature cocktails on tap for a consistently exceptional taste.

Beer Slushies: Beat the heat and entice customers with frosty beer slushies, blending refreshing flavors and icy-cold brews for a delightful sip.

Infused Beverages: Delight your patrons with creatively infused drinks featuring unique combinations of fruits, herbs, and spirits that awaken the senses.

Interactive DIY Stations: Foster engagement and customization with interactive DIY beverage stations, allowing customers to craft their drinks for a personalized experience.

Theme Nights: Inject excitement into your establishment by hosting themed beverage nights, where each drink aligns with the evening's theme for an immersive and memorable outing.

Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Cater to all tastes and preferences by offering an enticing selection of alcohol-free mocktails and beverages, ensuring everyone can enjoy a great drink.

Drink Specials and Limited Editions: Keep your menu fresh and enticing with regularly rotating drink specials and limited-edition concoctions, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among your patrons.

Our Florida bar and beverage experts at Eaton Marketing can help build a custom Perlick bar for your needs:

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Written by Eaton Marketing