Eaton Marketing - Mar 4, 2024

Rep Prep: 10 Minutes with School Specialist Lori Drenth

Our Rep Prep series sits down with team members from Eaton Marketing to learn more about their background in the industry, some of their favorite pieces of equipment, and other fun facts about them. This month, we met with School Specialist Lori Drenth, who joins us with plenty of experience in the world of foodservice. 

Give us a little background on yourself.

I was born and raised in Brooksville, Florida, and did my undergraduate work in Home Economics and Dietetics at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. Then, I interned at the Pasco County (FL) Health Department which helped me become a registered dietitian.

Working in different industries including health departments, hospitals, universities, and assisted living facilities, has given me a good vision of being in foodservice. My most recent job was as the Director of School Foodservice in Hernando County (FL). I've worked with the young, the old, the sick, and the healthy and have had a lot of great work experiences. 

Out of all of the lines represented by Eaton Marketing, which one is your favorite?

LTI would be my favorite line. Serving lines and serving counters are like the “Welcome” sign of an establishment, especially schools.

There is such a wide range of things you can do to make your serving line special and unique to the facility. The configuration options are endless, as well as the finishing options. LTI manufactures a top-quality product that can’t be beaten for aesthetic appeal.

How does LTI provide good ROI for operators?

In schools, students and staff expect to see great food presentation and quality. LTI serving lines offer a great food presentation and food quality experience. Quick Switch wells, angled serving pan options, flat top options, lighting options, and shelving choices all provide the opportunity to offer a great customer experience. All customers, no matter what their age is, want to return to great dining experiences. LTI provides the operator with great tools to support a great customer foodservice experience.

Tell us about the most successful install you've seen using LTI. 

In my previous work as a School Foodservice Director, we had many great installations. The last installation was done at a K-8 school and LTI did three custom serving lines using laminate fronts, solid surface counters, and tray slides, along with clear-view sneeze guards. The school administration and staff were surprised at how fresh, clean, and modern the serving line looked. LTI did a great job with the installation only taking a week.

Let's talk food. What's your favorite place to go out to dinner and what's your go-to order there?

Miguels Mexican Seafood & Grill in Tampa. Taco's Miguel are a favorite but it's all so good. I'm a lover of Mexican food.

How has foodservice equipment changed over the several years?

It has become more multi-functional by having equipment that helps save space under the hood or even reducing the size of hoods needed in foodservice kitchens.

What do you see in the future for foodservice?

Foodservice is a very adaptable and innovative segment of the industry. I see the continuation of innovation and making equipment that improves efficiency, is more user-friendly, if not automated, and incorporates multiple functions within one piece of equipment.

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Written by Eaton Marketing