Eaton Marketing - Feb 27, 2020

Take a Look at the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Trend

Are you a business owner or manager looking to break into the nitro cold brew trend? Not only is coffee one of the most frequently consumed beverages, but it's a worldwide treat. From coffee bars to restaurants, and even to local grocery stores, you're able to find cold brew. It can be made fresh or purchased in cans and bottles to enjoy later, but it's something every coffee lover is seeking out. There's something about the velvety texture that makes it all more enjoyable for coffee consumers. Plus, the lengthy process of crafting each drink is pretty unique.

Nitro Cold Brew Breakdown

Each nitro cold brew is a little different in flavor but made via the same basic process. Coffee grounds steep overnight for about 12-16 hours, and then specialized equipment is used to infuse nitrogen into the drink. This mix creates an almost creamy blend that makes the drink taste a little sweeter than your typical cold brew. Mix that lengthy crafting process with sales, and each drink tends to run between $5-$6. Patrons often spend top dollar for the experience as much as the natural flavor.

With specialized equipment, some appliances have a built-in refrigerator which makes storing the cold brew easier. While businesses often keep their cold brew in kegs, it's common to go through 1 keg or more per week. When crafting your own, this can offer a highly profitable return and increase business productivity.

Leap Into Popularity 

According to Statista, between 2015 and 2017, cold brew coffee sales increased from 8.28 million dollars in revenue to 38 million dollars in revenue. That's quite the leap! One thing that makes the nitro cold brew so popular is the stronger coffee taste. While it varies by brand, nitro cold brew tends to have more caffeine than regularly brewed coffee and as trendy as it is, it comes with a 'something new to try' kind of vibe.

Nitro cold brew is also slightly healthier for frequent coffee drinkers. The nitrogen mix breaks down the blend and provides a less acidic drink when compared to those warmer brews or drinks made with CO2.

Long-term Trend & Business Benefits

The biggest benefit that comes with the nitro cold brew trend is that it's on-demand. The trend definitely seems like it's going to stick around for a while and you could easily pay for the equipment cost and set-up within just a few months simply based off of how popular the drink is and how often consumers buy it. By using nitrogen, it's eco-friendly and those go green patrons will love that your business is using equipment that supports offsetting climate change.

Specialized equipment such as the U-Line Nitro-Infused Cold Coffee Dispenser allows you to cut back on the delivery costs by almost $100 and increase profitability up by 24% or higher. Should your business want to expand and deliver your own special nitro cold brew to grocery chains or other foodservice operations, by crafting your own brew you're able to cut back costs on things like cups, lids, and more while raising awareness for your brand. Check out the process of how to make your own cold brew batch by watching the following video demonstration. 

Whether you decide to market your specific brand nationally or you keep it local and make your own, nitro cold brew is a trend that's not going anywhere soon. After all, everyone loves a little taste of their favorite coffee throughout the day. Reach out to us to discuss the proper equipment that you may need to join the nitro cold brew trend, such as the U-Line Nitro-Infused Cold Coffee Dispenser, and we'll help you make your business more profitable while introducing the delicious cold brew trend to your consumers. 


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Written by Eaton Marketing