Eaton Marketing - Nov 6, 2017

What Your Foodservice Operation Needs to Know About Nitro Coffee on Tap

As you probably know, craft beverages are everywhere. It doesn’t end with craft cocktails or craft beer, though. Food and beverage manufacturers have realized that putting extra care into the ingredients and manufacturing process of their products can increase purchase price and attract a new customer base. One of the latest craft beverage trends is nitro coffee on tap.

What is nitro coffee?

You've probably heard of the traditional nitro beers like Guinness that have been around for decades, but nitro coffee is still relatively new. Nitro coffee and beers are infused with nitrogen, which creates tiny bubbles that give the beverages a smoother, creamier texture. 

How is nitro coffee served?

Although nitro coffee can be poured out of a special bottle or can, for the freshest, most authentic nitro coffee, you will need a beer faucet. Nitrogen infused coffee can’t be poured out of just any beer faucets, however.

To maintain their signature mouthfeel, nitro coffees must be poured out of faucets and lines that are specifically made for nitrogen infused beverages. Perlick's nitrogen, or stout, faucets are different from their traditional faucets because they have a much smaller opening, allowing for a slower pour.

If you've ever seen a nitro beer poured, it usually takes about two minutes to perfect the head to beer ratio; nitro coffee should be no different. Pouring nitro coffee out of a traditional faucet would likely cause a beverage that was entirely foam.

With nitrogen or stout faucets from Perlick, your Florida coffee shop will be pouring the nitro coffee with the perfect amount of foam in no time. 

To learn more about nitrogen faucets and other unique beverage trends,

read the Perlick Bar and Beverage Guide.

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