Eaton Marketing - May 14, 2020

Here’s What We’re Missing at This Year’s National Restaurant Association

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, trade shows around the world are currently being put on hold. One show on this long list of canceled or postponed events is The National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. While the trade show won't physically take place this year, the association is still handing out the Kitchen Innovation Awards as they do each May. One of the winners on the list is the new Hoodini Convection Oven from Blodgett. Check out how this award-winning convection oven stacks up below. 

Hoodini Convection Oven  from Blodgett

The Hoodini Convection Oven from Blodgett allows you to break free from the traditional hood systems found in most commercial ovens. The move to ventless equipment helps operators in a variety of ways, from saving thousands of dollars on installation and maintenance costs to freeing up more space and using less infrastructure for operations. The bottom line is ventless can help create a more profitable operation.

How It Works

Blodgett Hoodini CombiSlim

So, how does this award-winning ventless convection oven work? Well, the Hoodini Convection Oven functions in a unique way. The fan in this ventless convection system pulls air in and circulates it along with the catalytic converter. The catalyst incinerates grease-laden vapors before they are able to leave the oven. The excess air then gets pulled up to the hood and passes through a filter. This leads to the fan pulling the air up from the filter and then ultimately sends the air back out of the unit. 

The Series Line 

The Hoodini Convection Oven is available in three different series options. The series lines are known as the Premium Series, Mid-Range Series, and Half-Size Series. 

The Premium Series, also known as the Mark V, is the gold standard of convection ovens. This oven provides the lowest cost of ownership of any commercial convection oven currently on the market. The Mark V-100 is the standard depth option, holding five full-size baking pans left to right. The Mark V-200 is the bakery depth option that holds five full-size pans either left to right or front to back.  

The Mid-Range Series, also known as Zephaire ovens each have their own signature features and are Energy Star qualified. The Zephaire-100-E is the standard depth option holding five full-size baking pans left to right. The Zephaire-200-E is the bakery depth option, which contains five full-size pans either left to right or front to back.  

The Half-Size Series or CTB is coming soon to the Hoodini Convection Oven line up. The CTB will be a half-sized version of the Mark V. This series option will be less than 31 inches wide and will have the capability of holding half-sized baking pans. The oven option will also have the ability to be stacked to double capacity. 

Practical Applications

The Hoodini Convection Oven from Blodgett has endless avenues of practical application. The oven can be utilized in K-12 schools, as the ventless convection oven allows cafeteria staff members to prepare healthier foods and cooking processes in the same amount of cafeteria space. These convection ovens are also perfect for use in restaurant, grocery, retail, healthcare, correctional, and C-store food settings.

While we may not all be together during this year's National Restaurant Association Show, our foodservice experts are here to help answer any questions you may have. 

For more information on the Hoodini Convection Oven and how this system can benefit your foodservice, Eaton Marketing's experts are ready to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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