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What Is a HydroVection Oven?

What Is a HydroVection Oven?

What is a HydroVection oven?

There are a lot of ways to answer that, so let's briefly go through each one to give you a better idea as to why we like these units so much.

HyrdoVection ovens sound like they work. Utilizing both steam and heat, they are built for the way chefs in Florida like to work, and they are designed for kitchens that pride themselves on making every square inch profitable.

What they provide is versatility. Baking, roasting, retherming, oven frying, poaching, grilling, toasting, searing, smoking -- you name it. A HydroVection oven can help an operation expand its menu offerings in a single unit.


HydroVection Ovens from Blodgett

The reality is, Blodgett is the only manufacturer in the industry to create a split door oven that combines both steam and heat. Saving both space and time, they are more versatile and quicker than standard convection heat, they are less expensive than traditional combi ovens, and they allow for yield increases of up to 25 percent.

Whether you're a school looking for healthier menu options or a restaurant searching for an easy way to provide á la carte dishes, HydroVection technology from Blodgett should be part of your considerations.

They are available in full or half sizes, gas or electric, and include three different control options. Here are additional features of the Blodgett HyroVection

» Patented door latch & gasket locks in steam & heat
» Removable core temperature probe
» Four speed, auto-reversing fan for incredible bake
» Release steam at the push of a button
» Retractable hand shower for easy cleaning

Learn more about Blodgett. Schedule some time to talk with an Eaton Marketing associate, and learn more about one of our newest solutions.

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