Eaton Marketing - Feb 15, 2018

What We Learned at the Globe Food Equipment Company

Eaton Globe 

What happens when you take a bunch of Florida boys up to Ohio in the dead of winter? Well, we have a little fun, for starters. But we also had the chance to learn a lot from one of our newest lines when we visited the Globe facilities in Dayton.

Introducing the Globe Food Equipment Company, a partnership that will bring solutions for restaurants and foodservice locations throughout Florida. Here's what each member of our sales team took away from the cold-weather experience.


Globe, they work hard to maintain their Core Beliefs of existing for their customers, keeping their promises, promoting teamwork, and valuing their employees and the work they do. They are focused on providing the support the customer needs.


I was quite pleased with their level of organization and knowledge of the equipment. The training was right to the point and full of insights related to issues that may arise daily in any foodservice operation. Their Customer Service and Parts departments are covered by people who have been working for the company for a long time and know their products inside-out. Their level of expertise will be a great support for us salespeople in the field.


- Globe’s first gravity-fed slicer was invented and patented in1920.

- Globe's warranty expense is less than 1% of sales; the NAFEM average is 2%. That means when a dealer sells a Globe item, they can be confident that each unit sold will work out of the box and be reliable.

- Globe offered two-year warranties on all mixers, premier slicers, and Globe branded gas cooking.

- Lower parts pricing, longer lifetime on equipment. The relationship between Globe and Parts-town has helped to allow for great parts and service coverage for the entire country.

- Globe’s amazingly positive "Ship Happens” program allows the ability for Globe to have committed to inventory always on hand. Globe as a company can generally ship all orders same day, and in the industry climate, this is a huge advantage against our competitors. 


My first take away from our visit would be Ohio in January makes me glad I live in Florida. I'm not cut out for those temperatures. The Globe training was one of the most organized and well-planned trainings I have attended. It's obvious why this organization has been in business for over 35 years. There is a lot passion and pride that goes into running this organization, and they really seem to value both their employees and vendor partners. 


Very impressive, well organized company. The fact that they can ship any product in the complete lineup the same day is amazing. Products are all high-quality and competitive. The line fits very well with our line list.


The training done by Kevin Woods and his team gave us a chance to touch and operate the equipment, and I found that to be extremely helpful in retaining the information. Prior to arriving I was aware of their popular items like the G12 meat slicer and SP30 mixer, but what really caught me off guard was the quality of their countertop equipment: The 1” griddle plate, floating panini press as large as 14x10, and the stainless steel radiants found on Globe's heavy duty Charbroiler. Having seen the price point and the quality of the Globe product, I was excited to talk to customers once arriving back to South Florida. All the people that I met through the training process were extremely prideful of their work, and if I were to characterize the Globe product in three words it would be…

Quality – Performance – Value

If you'd like to learn more about the details of our Globe factory visit, or if you'd like to learn more information about their foodservice solutions, schedule some time to talk with an Eaton expert today.

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Written by Eaton Marketing