Eaton Marketing - Oct 8, 2019

One Word Comes to Mind When You Use This Cooking System

What word is that? Wow!

"Wow," is what one of the first users of the CTX Oven said, and over the years, that name has stuck.

The CTX WOW! Automated Grilling System won the 2017 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association, and while that certainly means something to those of us in the foodservice equipment industry, for the people who actually use the ovens on a day-to-day basis, there's a lot more to the WOW! than just an annual award or a catchy, cartoon bubble name.

What's So Great about the WOW! Oven?

Well, other than changing the restaurant business forever, the WOW! Automated Grilling System also provides:

1. Improved Food Quality

Once cooked, the food is "perfect" and ready to take to the customer's table. The resulting product is amazingly consistent, plus food does not dry-out in the WOW!. Whether you're cooking salmon, chicken, or steak, once you preset the oven, the product takes-over and utilizes the versatility of the unit, which can help reduce the number of cooking solutions you'll need in your Florida commercial kitchen.

2. Faster Cooking Time

The cooking process is lightning fast which makes service fast, as well. The Middleby/Marshall WOW! Oven cooks foods 30 - 60 percent faster than any other traditional cooking methods. Where ticket times are concerned, the average time reduction is from 22 minutes to 12 minutes. And, naturally, this kind of speed affects the bottom line, as well.

The WOW! also saves time because it's a conveyor cooker, essentially eliminating the need for staff members to stand over foods and watch as they cook. With carefully calibrated heating mechanisms, food is not going to burn, nor will it need rotation.

3. Experience Savings

The first year that a restaurant uses this oven, its ROI can be achieved. The elimination of at least two line cook positions can take place in the kitchen when you start using your WOW! Oven because of some of the versatility we mentioned above. In many cases, kitchens reported up to a 3,300 kitchen labor hours eliminated annually using a WOW!. The conveyor cooker is easy to operate — no technological or machine training necessary.

Other ways in which the WOW! Oven saves money is the reduction of heat loss, the cool-to-the-touch technology, and a sleep mode when not in use. Additionally, the following kitchen appliances are no longer necessary after including the WOW! Oven to your work area:

  • Convection ovens
  • Fryers
  • Microwaves
  • Grills
  • Salamanders

Conveyor Cooking

This type of cooking, as you have read, covers all the bases. Middleby Marshall understands the restaurant industry and knows what chefs want in their kitchens. Almost anything that cooks in conventional ovens can be cooked in a conveyor oven, especially when you are using the WOW! Automated Grilling System. Chefs and restaurateurs must consider the size of the food cooked since the food must fit into the conveyor opening.

Learn more about the new WOW! Ovens from Middleby. Schedule an equipment assessment with Eaton Marketing today.

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Written by Eaton Marketing