Eaton Marketing - Oct 23, 2023

Crafting an Efficient Outdoor Commercial Bar: 5 Easy Ways to Success

Running a restaurant bar requires a high level of precision, craftwork, and efficiency. There are multiple pieces that need to be in place to ensure that drinks are served quickly and at the right temperature. When done correctly, an outdoor bar can be a brilliant way to offer a unique experience. Taking that guest experience outdoors helps to increase sales and make customers, especially those who are on vacation or celebrating a special occasion, happy.

To make sure that an outdoor setup is successful, it needs to be both efficient and functional. These five easy considerations will help operators craft the best possible outdoor bar for their space to make customers happy.

1. Strategic Layout and Design

The first thing to consider is the layout of the bar setup. Consider the flow of customers, bartenders, and servers around the area. A well-thought-out design will have a layout that optimizes both the space and the functionality of the outdoor bar. It’s important to have designated areas for preparing drinks, storing ingredients, and serving products. Think about creating a space that encourages social interaction while also allowing for efficient service.

2. Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials

The materials and equipment in the commercial outdoor bar make an impact on the overall success. Opt for weather-resistant bar tops like the Tobin Ellis Signature Series Limited Edition Mobile bar, which comes with a custom copper finish to keep the surface clean and dry while providing aesthetically pleasing looks.

Stainless steel equipment, like the Signature Series Mobile Bar Refrigerated Drawer Cabinet also helps reduce the negative impact that weather can have on equipment and keeps tools in good shape for longer. High-quality outdoor furnishings also help to create a better experience for patrons who want to be comfortable while outside. Chairs that are weather-resistant and tables that are easy to clean and maintain help make the space look nicer. And in Florida, it's always important to offer umbrellas and to use fabric on chairs that won't get too hot in the sun.

3. Efficient Equipment and Storage

The next tip is to make sure that the outdoor bar is equipped with efficient and reliable equipment for storage. Many ingredients used to make drinks need to be chilled, which can be hard when outdoors without the right equipment. There should also be an effort to limit the amount of travel bartenders and barbacks need to make to restock. The bar storage should have enough places for bottles and tools to make service easier on staff without taking up too much space or causing other service issues. 

4. Streamlined Workflow

In any restaurant setting, efficiency is key. Customers want their service to be impeccable, and that relies on having a commercial bar setting that is productive and efficient for staff. If the staff struggles to move around the space to find the equipment and ingredients they need, it can cause issues. The way equipment is arranged along with the layout of the design can help improve the workflow of staff and streamline service to boost customer satisfaction and elevate the experience.

5. Thoughtful Service Points

The final step to crafting an efficient outdoor bar is to incorporate strategically placed service points for patrons. This will help direct them while they are in a space that is less structured than an indoor bar. Having a separate area for picking up orders, a designated space for waiting customers, and clearly marked lines for ordering all help make service easier and the bar experience better for patrons.

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Written by Eaton Marketing