Kevin Eaton - Sep 9, 2022

Why Ventless Cooking?

Ventless cooking is one of the most important foodservice trends today. Coming in conjunction with the move toward electricity (all ventless cooking equipment is powered by electricity), ventless cooking can literally transform an unused area into a space where people can cook, and from which operations can profit.

The bottom line is there are many reasons to consider ventless cooking, so let's run through a few of the most important ones now.

Ventless can reduce costs

With ventless cooking, operations don't need expensive ductwork that can drastically increase the startup costs of a restaurant or other type of operation.

Ventless Isn't a Wasted Investment

Restaurant operators who rent a space and have that space built out with HVAC ductwork will ultimately lose that investment if the restaurant closes or decides to move to another location. Once ventilation systems are installed in a rented building, those investments don't transfer.

Ventless Can Go Anywhere

Unlike equipment that requires hoods and ventilation, ventless cooking equipment can be used in just about any area of a building. This helps operators maximize space.

Ventless Can Increase Profits

Because units can be placed just about anywhere, ventless cooking equipment can be used in non-traditional locations or underused spaces. Ultimately creating additional production and profit points. A ventless griddle, for example, can be placed in a stadium corridor, turning that corridor into a defacto restaurant.

Why Ventless Cooking? Ask these important questions . . .

  • Does the location of your foodservice area prohibit the use of a traditional ducted ventilation hood and rooftop exhaust fan? Ventless could be right for you.

  • Have you found the cost of traditional hoods prohibitive and looking for an alternative solution? Ventless could be right for you.

  • Do you want to use non-traditional spaces for production? Ventless could be right for you.

  • Maybe you would like to add a kitchen but the only space available would not allow it or is cost prohibitive for you to add a hood and fan? Ventless could be right for you.

Consider a Universal Ventless Hood from Wells

The Wells Universal Ventless hood give you the option to use other manufacturers' electric cooking appliances underneath, such as deep fat fryers, pasta rethermalizer, griddle cooking surfaces, range top cooking surfaces and steamers. Wells Ventless hoods give you the flexibility to "set up shop" just about anywhere. These hoods are fully self-contained and do not vent to the outside making it possible to do the impossible.

We would love to tell you much more about the Wells Ventless Cooking Systems. Start with the Guide to Ventless Hoods to learn more today.

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.