Eaton Marketing - Feb 23, 2017

How to Steam and Bake with the Same Equipment

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In Florida commercial kitchens with limited space, it's important for operators to get the most out of every inch of real estate. From a practical solutions perspective, that means finding foodservice equipment that does more than one thing while allowing for greater menu diversity.

One of the latest pieces of foodservice equipment to satisfy this need is the Southbend TruVapor. As the most space efficient tri-mode unit on the market, the TruVapor is ideal for baking, steaming, or a combination of both.

Its compact footprint enables it to be placed in a line up, in an island suite, or even as a stand alone unit. Southbend also provides a choice of top configurations that are available on single stack units.

Here are the Southbend TruVapor details:


Southbend TruVapor Featurs and Benefits-1.png 

Eaton Marketing Southbend TruVapor 1.png Eaton Marketing Southbend TruVapor 2.png Eaton Marketing Southbend TruVapor 3.png


To learn more about the Southbend TruVapor unit, or to schedule an up-close demonstration of its capabilities, schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with Eaton Marketing by clicking the image below.

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Written by Eaton Marketing