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Explore Trends in the Beverage Industry with Marco

The bar and beverage industry has seen some exciting trends recently. Consumers are increasingly motivated by their health and wellness and exploring new experiences and exotic flavors. So, operators must utilize innovative and progressive equipment and ideas to capitalize on these emerging trends. Fortunately, Marco Beverage Systems has the tools to help operators strengthen their profit margin without investing in complex or expensive machinery.

The Latest Trends in the Beverage Industry 

As with the foodservice industry, beverages are going through a revolution. What worked in the past will not necessarily cut it moving forward. Consumers want bolder and more dynamic drink options but are looking for health and sustainability aspects in addition to speed and convenience.

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For example, coffee was traditionally served only hot in the United States. Now, cold coffee is the preferred method of caffeination, especially among younger Gen Z drinkers. Frappuccinos and cold brews are leading the charge, but operators are only scratching the surface of what's possible.

Similarly, tea is making huge waves within the industry. With the proliferation of bubble tea shops nationwide, more customers want healthier, sweeter beverages that offer more of a tantalizing experience. Now, it's not just about staying hydrated or quenching one's thirst. Instead, it's about getting a dynamic drink that commands attention and leaves a lasting impact.

Finally, as climate change and other environmental concerns continue to shape the world, consumers want to invest in sustainable business practices. For example, fair trade organic coffee has become the gold standard, and customers are pushing for similar advancements with other beverages like tea and soda.

Exploring Beverage Innovation with Marco

Marco Beverage Systems leads the industry with state-of-the-art beverage technology and sustainable practices.

For example, with sustainability becoming an increasing motivator, Marco has developed industry-leadingMarco logo energy-efficient equipment. Their machines use less energy and fewer resources and can help operators maintain a more robust bottom line by reducing their utility costs. 

Marco is also a Certified B Corporation, which means they are part of a movement concerned about "an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative system."

A Showcase of Innovation

Whether operators want to upgrade their current beverage systems or invest in new drink options, Marco has the options they need. Each product lineup showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and design.

Hot Water Dispensers work great for catering teams, hospitality suites, or back-of-house in restaurants while Coffee Brewers come with or without coffee bean grinders and are compatible with offices, catering facilities, coffee shops, and diners.  

For businesses specializing in coffee specialty drinks, Marco's Cold Coffee Dispensers work with ready-to-drink bag in box and concentrate sources to make drinks easier to create quickly.

With Marco's newest innovation, FRIIA, offices, schools, small coffee shops, and hotels can get hot and cold dispensers or hot, cold, and sparkling dispensers to allow plenty of choices in varieties of water available. 

Is Marco a good fit for your business? Meet with one of the Eaton Marketing beverage experts to find out:
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