Kevin Eaton - Jan 10, 2023

Introducing Cucimix from Firex

Today, commercial kitchens are under more pressure than they ever have been in the past due to labor challenges, supply chain shortages, and other issues. This is when foodservice equipment can help mitigate some of the daily roadblocks to service, especially innovative units like Cucimix.

The Firex Cucimix is an automated, multi-purpose industrial cooker that combines consistency and efficiency to ensure quality orders are delivered on time. Many are calling the Cucimix the chef’s best friend, as it can handle a variety of processes at once, saving time while reducing overhead expenses. But let's dig in deeper to see why.

The Firex Cucimix Is Rooted in Italian Heritage

Italy is the center of the food universe for many, and the Cucimix by Firex was conceived and created in Italy. It can manage various processes independently, making it a great asset in the kitchen. It combines functionality and creativity while also being able to churn out large numbers of orders with incredible accuracy and quality. Made with the latest technology, this versatile, durable industrial cooker has been constructed using stainless steel. Despite all that it can do, it is still relatively compact, allowing restaurants to save valuable space in the kitchen.


The Top Benefits of the Cucimix by Firex

There are several benefits provided by the Cucimix. First, it is a pressure cooker, which shortens cooking times significantly. This means that restaurants will have an easier time serving more patrons, and it can reduce energy bills, as the Cucimix is far more efficient. Unlike a skillet, the Cucimix takes full advantage of pressure cooking.

In addition, the Cucimix offers automatic water filling. Restaurant employees no longer have to stand next to the sink and wait for dozens of liters or gallons to pour into the device. This device can handle water filling all on its own.

After all of the ingredients have been added to the Cucimix, it can also mix everything on its own. There is a rotating device with several arms, providing a tremendous amount of autonomy when it comes to the recipe. Rotation can take place in both directions, and the user can access the control panel to adjust the speed of the mixer. The mixer is equipped with Teflon, and the steel scrapers can be removed, making them easier to clean. This process can shorten not only cooking times but also increase the yield that comes from each recipe. 

The Cucimix by Firex Has No Limits

Because the Cucimix is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, there are virtually no limits to what it can do. It can handle recipes from all over the world, retaining the unique food culture of each location along the way. Furthermore, because the bratt pan offers a new way of cooking, it can elevate the standards of every professional kitchen, bringing out the best in each recipe. Regardless of where the restaurant is making jam, risotto, sauces, or stew, just about everything can be cooked under intense pressure to ensure every recipe is prepared to perfection. 

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The Firex Cucimix Is Changing the Restaurant Industry

Even though the Firex Cucimix is still relatively new to the restaurant scene, it changes how cooks and chefs prepare food. Because it can handle a wide variety of recipes in a short amount of time without sacrificing the flavor of every dish, the Cucimix has the potential to help restaurants meet the high expectations of their customers. Restaurant owners should consider investing in a Cucimix for their commercial kitchens. 

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Written by Kevin Eaton

Kevin Eaton is the President of Eaton Marketing & Associates and a seasoned Manufacturer Rep in Florida.