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Unveiling Icetro: A Cool Addition to Eaton Marketing's Lineup

When it comes to beverages, ice is an essential component, which means that the production of ice matters. An integral part of a company's success, foodservice operations, hospitality brands, and healthcare companies help ensure customer satisfaction. Eaton Marketing is proud to welcome Icetro, one of the leading manufacturers of ice machines, to our line card. With Icetro, getting great ice is easy to achieve.

About Icetro

Although an ice maker only has one job, it uses multiple complex components. Often placed in areas withicetro-logo-color-min-1 constant use and minimal supervision, ice machines can encounter issues that might disrupt operations.

Founded in 1981 in South Korea, Icetro uses innovative features and controls to make the ice-making process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. With much expansion over the years, they now have two offices in California and Georgia to work with customers in the United States.



One example of Icetro's innovation is a front display that notifies when bins are full, there's no water in the system, or if the machine is in cleaning or ice-making mode. This helps customers and technicians stay on top of what's happening inside the machine without opening it and disrupting service. When the machines do need to be opened, all Icetro machines have a hinged front door for easy access.


Speaking of cleaning, that's another area where Icetro excels and where other commercial ice machines can struggle. For example, in Minnesota, a client was utilizing another brand of ice makers in their operations. However, because Minnesota has hard water with excess minerals, the machines had to be cleaned weekly to ensure they would work correctly.

Icetro units have a self-cleaning flushing system, meaning they can automatically remove most mineral deposits. This way, the client in Minnesota went from cleaning their machines weekly to bi-annual cleaning, saving time and money.  

Decoding the Art of Ice: Why Shape Matters

At first glance, it may seem like ice is ice, no matter its shape. However, as Icetro has learned, the shape can make or break the beverage experience. Icetro relies on precision cooling (so drinks aren't diluted), aesthetic precision (how the ice appears while in a drink), and versatility in application (the situation where the ice is being used) to create the best experience for customers.

Icetro's Comprehensive Offerings

Icetro offers four styles of ice to operators:

Cube Ice 

A standard style that works well in foodservice applications, most beverages benefit from this larger cube ice, which takes longer to melt. 

Nugget Ice

Designed to be crunchy and chewable, nugget ice also works in foodservice. Healthcare operations also benefit from nugget ice since patients sometimes need chewable ice to help them stay hydrated. 

Flake Ice

Shaved to appear like snow, flake ice is ideal for packing foods in display cases or for frozen treats. Flake ice tends to melt too quickly for beverages, but it is also suitable for patients who need to be hydrated but can't chew regular nugget ice.

Gourmet Ice

Allowing operators to achieve more aesthetically pleasing shapes to wow their customers, Icetro offers multiple machine sizes to produce gourmet ice, including full-size floor units, under-counter models, and modular units. 

With the help of Icetro, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, bars, and many other businesses can be sure they're serving the best ice for the right situations.  

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Written by Eaton Marketing