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How to Choose the Best Ice for Your Beverages

Ice is not a one-size-fits-all model. As things heat up in Florida, foodservice businesses will be serving more and more iced beverages, especially if there's the option for outdoor dining. However, frozen beverages, iced coffee and tea, soft drinks, and cocktails require different ice for different reasons.

The ice's density, texture, and size affect the flavor and experience of your beverages. Elevate your beverage program when you ensure you're serving the correct type of ice for each beverage you craft.

Unveiling the Art and Science of Ice – Why Ice Shape Matters 

Understanding the significance of ice shape is pivotal in the foodservice and beverage industries. Whether used to craft the perfect frozen cocktail or to ensure optimal cooling in sodas, the shape of the ice is as crucial as the ingredients themselves. The right ice shape can elevate the drinking experience, while the wrong one risks diluting flavors and disappointing customers.

One significant mistake many businesses make is assuming that one shape of ice fits all drink needs. While opting for a single ice machine may seem cost-effective initially, it can ultimately hinder profitability. Serving a cola with large ice cubes may prove inefficient and frustrating for customers who prefer chewing ice in their sodas. Similarly, frozen margaritas with ice chunks can be challenging to consume, detracting from the overall enjoyment. 

Investing in a variety of ice shapes tailored to different beverages ensures customer satisfaction and enhances the overall dining experience. By prioritizing ice quality alongside menu offerings, foodservice and beverage establishments can distinguish themselves and cultivate loyalty among patrons.

Different Types of Ice for Different Drinks


Whether it's a frozen margarita or a smoothie, blended drinks do best when made with cube ice

The size of cube ice works well for breaking down in the blender and providing smooth textures. Using ice that is too large can lead to pockets of water in the drink with concentrated flavor in other parts. Using ice that is too fine will melt from the friction of the blender, leading to too much water throughout. Using cube ice helps smoothies live up to their name and piña coladas well mixed and perfectly balanced. 



Softer, chewable ice is the best choice when it comes to fountain drinks. Not only does the porous surface absorb the flavor of the drink it’s in, but also because the chewability factor drives some customers to seek out ice with this consistency. Whether it brings back memories of enjoying an iced treat as a child or because it’s a soothing habit, having an easy-to-chew piece of ice that also doesn’t melt too quickly is a treat some customers very much enjoy. 


When cooling down craft cocktails or liquor drinks, using a gourmet ice cube is to the advantage of both the business and the customers. From a customer’s perspective, gourmet cubes melt slowly, helping flavors stay intact without being watered down. And from a business standpoint, having a larger ice cube means that less liquor needs to be poured, helping save inventory and money. 

Keep Cool Inside the Eaton Marketing Test Kitchen 

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