Eaton Marketing - Feb 27, 2018

[Video] See Perlick Bar and Beverage Equipment in this BTS Tour

Perlick Bar and Beverage Factory Tour Video for Florida

We talk a lot about bar and beverage solutions for Florida restaurants, hotels, and breweries, but what we haven't done is give you a look behind the scenes.

Did you ever wonder about where those draft lines are made? Or how those shiny beer faucets came to be? Well now's your chance to get an inside look because Perlick created a guided factory tour and we're not about to keep it from you.

Take a few minutes to see first-hand where your beverage equipment is made, what sets Perlick bar and beverage equipment apart from the rest, and see it all go down at the Perlick factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Here's what you'll find in the tour:

  1. -Aerial drone footage taken inside the factory
  2. -Beer system manufacturing
  3. -Trunk housing
  4. -Some of the most elegant beer towers in the industry
  5. -The birthplace of the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail station
  6. -The place where new bar and beverage products are constantly innovated and re-invented,   to solve the problems bartenders, operators and owners face every day. 


Perlick is at the center of innovation in the bar and beverage industry. And they have a solution for you.

Discover how Perlick can level-up your bar or foodservice operation. Download the Perlick Bar & Beverage Catalog and see the latest refrigeration, underbar, and beverage dispensing systems from the industry experts. Perlick Bar and Beverage Catalog Eaton Marketing

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