Eaton Marketing - Mar 1, 2023

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Use a Clamshell Griddle

Clamshell griddles are an innovative way to reduce cook times while promoting even cooking from both sides of an ingredient. They can reduce cook times by as much as 50 percent, meaning grilled and griddle menu items can be delivered much faster with this technology. But the best clamshell griddles do more than cook meat: they can warm bread, confectioneries, and more. In the midst of an industry-wide labor shortage, considering clam griddles is a good idea.

Let's dig in a little deeper to learn more about this time-saving technology.

What Is a Clamshell Griddle?

Many consumers are familiar with basic types of clamshell technology in their home kitchens. From waffle irons to panini presses to grilled cheese makers, the concept is simply to provide two heat sources, on top of the ingredient and the other on the bottom. Take that concept and expand it to a commercial kitchen. Clamshell griddles are large, two-sided cooking units where heated metal is applied to both the top and bottom of the ingredient resulting in a faster, more even cook.

Benefits of a Clamshell Griddle for Two-Sided Cooking

Clamshell griddles for two-sided cooking give the advantage of speed. Instead of waiting for one side to complete before flipping it over, staff can cook both sides simultaneously. Additionally, clamshell griddles cook evenly. Consumers dislike getting one side cooked crisp while the other's just barely done, but griddles for two-sided cooking prevent this problem, providing more consistent, even cooking.

Relatively easy to operate, clamshell griddles have closed hoods to ensure even cooking. There's also a safety advantage to this -- without the grill in the open, there is less of a chance of a staff member receiving a burn. Plus, food safety is higher: the food is closed to contaminants, and the even cook makes it less likely that a customer gets served undercooked food, which can be especially dangerous if the food item is something like chicken.

Cutting cook time in half can also limit the amount of time customers are at tables in restaurants. If served quicker, they leave quicker, opening up the table space for the next set of customers ready to spend and eat.

How to Get a Clamshell Griddle

When it comes to griddles for two-sided cooking in the foodservice industry, the buyer has a lot of choices. The restaurant will need a griddle with the appropriate hookup (gas or electric), as well as something that fits in the allotted space. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where supply chain shortages and labor challenges can mean longer lead times for foodservice equipment.

Consider ready-to-ship Lang clamshell griddles in Florida, and Eaton Marketing can help you eliminate the need to wait for your unit. In addition, operators will enjoy year-long warranties, detailed operations manuals, and a small learning curve to help mitigate the strain on staff. A leader in the business for decades, Lang is the griddle go-to in the foodservice industry. Learn more by scheduling a free Middleby assessment with Eaton Marketing.

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